Manny Machado apologizes, says hitting Derek Norris was unintentional (Video)

Manny Machado apologized Monday for his actions during his at-bat Sunday against the Oakland A’s where he threw his bat down the third base line in response to being thrown at.

Manny Machado“I want to apologize to all my teammates, my coaching staff, the entire Orioles organization, and Oakland and to my fans for the way I acted,” said Machado, who is facing a suspension from the league. “That’s not the way we play baseball around here.”

Some A’s players ripped him for his disrespectful behavior, including John Jaso and Derek Norris. Norris was knocked out of the game after being hit in the head by one of Machado’s backswings in the sixth. Machado specifically apologized to Norris.

[Watch: Manny Machado tosses bat towards third base after being thrown at]

“I want to apologize to Derek (Norris). That wasn’t intentional. I didn’t realize how hard I had hit him with the bat. I have a tough follow-through, pretty long follow-through. I didn’t really think he would have cared about whether I showed emotion for him. So I want to apologize for taking him out of the game.”

Machado denied speculation that he was angry because the A’s threw at his knee, which was injured last season. He said his anger didn’t have anything to do with his knee being targeted. As for the tag incident with Josh Donaldson on Friday night, Machado said he thought it “was a little aggressive.”

Below is video of Norris getting hurt. It appears to be completely unintentional:

Machado’s apology seemed sincere and genuine. I think the A’s should be satisfied with it, as should baseball fans. He’s a young kid and admitted where he was wrong.

Derek Norris on Manny Machado: ‘It’s a disgrace to baseball’

Oakland OriolesThe Oakland A’s were fuming over Manny Machado’s disrespectful behavior during Sunday’s 11-1 win over the Orioles, and they voiced their opinions afterwards.

Machado, who already was involved in an incident with Josh Donaldson on Friday, threw his bat after being thrown at in the eighth inning of Sunday’s game.

Oakland catcher John Jaso, who served as the team’s DH Sunday, said Machado’s actions were “disrespectful to the game.” Derek Norris, who caught and was knocked out of the game after being hit by Machado’s backswing, said Machado’s actions were a “disgrace to baseball.”

“A guy with that kind of talent out there and he thinks he’s … like he’s got 10+ years in the big leagues,” said Jaso. “That doesn’t really fly well with me. I don’t think it flies well with a lot of players. Sometimes those guys need to be brought down a little bit so they play the game right. Because obviously there’s a few examples from the series where he isn’t playing the game right, and it’s kind of disrespectful to the game.”

Norris, who was tested for a concussion after leaving the game, had even harsher words.

“What he’s doing, it’s a disgrace to baseball, and I think it’s sad to see someone of his talent and national recognition have things like that stain your career,” said Norris via MLB.com. “I think it’s sad that a player needs to take things to a certain level. I don’t really understand it. Somewhere inside of him, he’s gotta know that he was in the wrong at some point. If you can’t leave here today thinking that you didn’t do anything wrong, something needs to happen, whether it happens internally over there or whatever.”

As I said before, I don’t understand why Machado was so upset over what appeared to be a standard tag Friday. And I don’t get why he hit Norris on his backswing or why he tossed his bat after being hit.

Norris didn’t like the way Machado reacted after hitting him with the bat.

“Usually most guys, it’s a, ‘You all right?’ Something,” said Norris via MLB.com. “But, if anything, I might’ve caught him smiling one time, which is kinda bizarre. Not really much [courtesy] coming from his side today. I don’t need a guy to ask me if I feel all right to feel good about a situation, but I think it is courteous for one ballplayer to another to ask if they’re all right. But yeah, nothing.”

Oftentimes I’d say the veterans need to chill and give a break to the youngster, but Machado really seemed out of line on all fronts. I seriously don’t get what’s up with him.

UPDATE: Machado admitted his wrongdoing and apologized Monday for his actions.

Manny Machado tosses bat towards third base after being thrown at (Video)

The benches cleared in Baltimore Sunday during the eighth inning of the Oakland A’s 11-1 blowout win over the Orioles after an bat-throwing incident involving Manny Machado.

Manny Machado OaklandMachado got into it with A’s third baseman Josh Donaldson on Friday night after being tagged out. Machado didn’t like the tag applied by Donaldson when he was trying to advance from second to third, and he got in Donaldson’s face after being being pushed to the ground. Orioles pitcher Wei-Yin Chen seemingly retaliated by hitging Donaldson.

Fast forward to Sunday when Oakland was up 10-0 in the eighth. The A’s decided to get even with Machado for Friday and more perceived disrespect on Sunday. Lefty Fernando Abad threw at Machado on the first two pitches of his at-bat in the eighth. Machado and Abad exchanged words after the first pitch, and Manny swung at the second and let his bat fly towards third base where it didn’t land far from Alberto Callaspo.

“It slipped out of my hands,” said Machado after the game. “Umpire thought it was intentional, so at that point I guess you have to toss the pitcher and the hitter at the same time.”

Not only were the A’s upset over Friday’s incident, but Machado angered them by hitting catcher Derek Norris in the head on two occasions with his backswing and showing little remorse. The second occasion led Norris to leave the game in the sixth.

I really like Machado’s talent as a player, but his behavior has been pretty stupid lately. He had no reason to get upset with Donaldson for what was an ordinary tag on Friday. Then he hits Norris and shows no remorse, and then he throws his bat at Oakland? What the heck is wrong with him? That’s some bush league stuff right there.

Manny Machado suffers knee or leg injury at first base (GIF)

Manny Machado leg knee injuryBaltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado was carted off the field at Tropicana Field on Monday after suffering a left leg (likely knee) injury running out a ground ball in the seventh inning.

Tampa Bay Rays second baseman Tim Beckham committed an error on the play, allowing Machado to reach base. But the Orioles youngster stepped on first awkwardly and appeared to injure his left knee or leg on the play. He went down and was carted off the field.

Even though Machado went down to the ground in the field of play, the umpires ruled he was not trying to advance to second and gave the Orioles a pinch-runner as a replacement.

Machado is only 21 and one of the finer young players in the game. Often overshadowed by Bryce Harper and Mike Trout when it comes to discussing the best young players in baseball, Machado was having a tremendous season for the O’s. In addition to playing superb defense, Machado had 51 doubles and 14 home runs this season.

This may be a devastating setback for the Orioles and one of their franchise cornerstones. We truly hope he makes a quick recovery.

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Manny Machado goes Brooks Robinson on play in the field (Video)

Manny Machado continues to impress for the Baltimore Orioles, and this time the 21-year-old showed his talent with a brilliant play in the field.

Manny MachadoNew York Yankees third baseman Luis Cruz hit a grounder down the third base line in the sixth inning of Sunday’s game that should have easily gone for an infield single, but Machado robbed him. Machado tried to field the ball with his backhand, bobbled it, stuck with it, scooped up the ball, and made a throw from about 10-15 feet in foul territory across the diamond to get Cruz at first all while his body was carrying him towards the dugout. It was a sensational play, and it reminded many of the play defensive wizard Brooks Robinson made in the 1970 World Series.

Our buddy and noted Orioles fan Gordon Dixon put Machado and Robinson’s plays together in one cool GIF:

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Manny Machado is on pace to set the MLB doubles record

Manny MachadoManny Machado does not get the same recognition as Bryce Harper or Mike Trout, but he probably deserves to be mentioned in the same conversations.

Machado, who turns 21 next week, is enjoying tremendous success in his first full MLB season. The Baltimore Orioles youngster homered and doubled off New York Yankees ace Hiroki Kuroda on Sunday and is now batting .321 on the season.

Though his six home runs won’t blow you away, his league-leading 38 doubles should.

Through 83 game this year, Machado has 38 doubles, which is 12 more than Yadier Molina, who is second in the majors. Machado is on pace to hit 74 doubles, which would beat the MLB single-season record of 67 set by Earl Webb in 1931. Webb set the record in 151 games played as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Even if you take away the 11 extra games Machado has the opportunity to play, he would still be on pace for 69 doubles, which would also top Webb.

Only six players in MLB history have hit 60-or-more doubles in a season, and all of the seasons were achieved between 1926 and 1936. Todd Helton, with 59 doubles in 2000, has come the closest among recent players to hitting 60 doubles.

Machado was the No. 3 overall pick by the Orioles in 2010. He was taken two picks behind Harper, who went first overall. Machado is three and a half months older than Harper and has been on a similar development schedule as the Nationals phenom. Like Harper, Machado played in the majors last year, though he was called up in August, four months after Harper made his MLB debut. Machado hit .262/.294/.445 in 51 MLB games last year and displayed incredible baseball instinct. A shortstop in the minors, Machado was switched to third base when he was called up because the Orioles already had JJ Hardy at short. He began making incredible plays like this one:

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Jim Leyland is competing with Manny Machado for doubles lead

jim-leylandDetroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland is one of the most entertaining managers in baseball, mainly because he is so old school. People lose their filter as they get older and are willing to say whatever is on their mind. Leyland is worse.

On Monday, the 68-year-old two-time Manager of the Year was asked how his team is prepared to handle Baltimore Orioles star Manny Machado. The 20-year-old third baseman is off to a phenomenal start this season, batting .324 with five homers and 37 RBI. He also leads Major League Baseball in doubles with 33 — 10 more than the next closest player. That’s fine with Leyland, because he’s leading the majors in his own category. Via Hardball Talk:

Would you expect anything less from the guy who wears the same underwear during winning streaks and kisses his pitchers on camera? You probably don’t do that stuff without doubling down on the vodka and scotch.

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