Mark Richt sending Georgia recruits portraits of themselves


Georgia head coach Mark Richt has found a unique way to grab the attention of recruits this offseason, and it may be working. In an era where teams feel that sending recruits dozens of letters in a single day is a great way to make an impression, Georgia has been sending prospective players something much more personal — portraits of themselves.

The artwork features each player wearing a jersey that represents their high school team on one side and shows what they would look like in a Bulldogs uniform on the other. Chuma Edoga, a four-star offensive lineman from McEachern High School, received the portrait you see above. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it was the most creative piece of mail he has gotten.

“I’d say this (UGA portrait) is the most creative thing I’ve gotten in the mail so far,” Edoga said. “I thought it was pretty cool that they took time to do that (the drawing). And it was a pretty good drawing. I feel like it looks like me a little bit.”

Edoga said he also received a photo from Ohio State that showed a picture of his would-be Ohio State jersey with his name on the back hanging in a locker. Here are some other portraits recruits have received from Georgia.

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Mark Richt: Jadeveon Clowney is best football player in the world

Jadeveon Clowney hitSouth Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is widely recognized as the top player in college football. He would have been the top pick in the NFL draft had he been eligible last year, and he’s the heavy favorite to go first overall next year.

As much as people have praised Clowney’s ability, nobody took it as far as Georgia head coach Mark Richt did on Monday.

According to Seth Emerson of The Macon Telegraph, Richt was asked during a UGA Day fan event who’s harder to game plan for: Johnny Manziel or Clowney.

“I would think it would be tougher to gameplan Johnny Manziel,” Richt said.

According to Emerson, Richt quickly added a remark about Clowney.

“I would say Clowney is the best football player in the world though. Seriously. I think he might be the very best player who exists today, at any level.”

Look, Clowney’s talents are not a secret. The guy made probably the best hit in a game any of us have ever seen. He’s making a run at the NCAA sack record. Jay-Z supposedly is already recruiting him to sign with his agency. But calling Clowney the best player in the world is stronger praise than we’ve ever heard. That would mean he’s better than DeMarcus Ware and J.J. Watt to name a few top defensive lineman in the NFL. That would mean he’s better than Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson, too.

I wouldn’t go as far as Richt did with my praise, but I’d feel comfortable calling Clowney one of the best five or 10 defensive linemen in the world.

Mark Richt testy with reporter asking about him losing big games (Video)

Georgia coach Mark Richt got testy with a reporter following his team’s 32-28 loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game on Saturday in Atlanta.

A media member tried questioning Richt about his and junior quarterback Aaron Murray’s tendency to lose big games when the coach snapped back.

You can see the exchange if you click ahead to the spot with about two minutes remaining in the video below:

Here’s a transcription of what happened via Outkick the Coverage:

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Mark Richt’s Generous Gifts to Staff Were Secondary NCAA Violations

That Mark Richt, how dare he generously give monetary payments to members of his football staff out of his own pocket! Doesn’t he know that good deeds like that are illegal according to the NCAA handbook?

Yes, Georgia coach Mark Richt committed secondary NCAA violations when he personally paid some coaches whom he felt deserved more money.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Richt paid former recruiting assistant Charlie Cantor $10,842 over an 11-month period through March of 2011, former linebackers coach John Jancek $10,000 in the summer of 2009 and $6,150 to director of player development John Eason in July of 2010. All of the payments were made by checks from Richt’s personal bank account after UGA’s previous athletic administration declined his requests for increased compensation for those parties.

What an awful human being, huh? How dare Mark Richt try to fairly compensate some of his assistants! I mean come on, what was the guy thinking?

Turns out Richt’s generosity was not limited to those three coaches; he also took care of some other athletic department employees.

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Video: Mark Richt Makes Out with Wife After Georgia Win

Georgia coach Mark Richt really loves his wife … and that is a good thing. He loves her so much that he hunted her down after his team’s 19-10 win over Kentucky Saturday and made out with her for several seconds even with TV cameras all over the place. Check out this video of Mark Richt kissing wife Katharyn after the game:

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Mark Richt’s ‘Win at All Costs’ Thoughts Are Laughable

Georgia football coach Mark Richt got all righteous during a meeting of “Bulldog faithful” in South Carolina last week. First, Richt drew attention for calling out the practice of over-signing, which is an unethical yet commonly-used practice employed by Nick Saban most notably. The he took an idealistic stand against the world of college football according to the Ledger-Enquirer, saying “There’s been a bit too much of the winning at all costs in college football and I hope the tide turns in the other direction.”

I love Richt’s righteous approach and wish more programs followed the rules and put winning behind ethics, but I know that’s unrealistic. However, I wouldn’t complain about someone preaching about morals if the remarks hadn’t come from someone who is ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTORS TO THE PROBLEM.

Georgia is notorious for its football team having run-ins with the law. From 2008-2010, the program had 25 arrests, all documented by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The charges ranged from DUI to battery to hit and run to theft, so they vary in severity, but there is little doubt Georgia fostered a team of criminals. Think about it, they didn’t take come EDSBS’ coveted Fulmer Cup for nothing; a lot of hard work went into winning that title. We even noted a few of the arrests back in 2008, pointing out that the arrests indicated Georgia was in mid-season form.

And honestly, if you want to talk about winning at all costs, who can forget the honorable gesture of a Georgia assistant giving an opposing kicker the choke sign before he attempted a field goal against them. But maybe we should forgive the coaches and players. After all, they may be taking their lead from this man.

Preach on, Brother Richt, and don’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of your ideals.

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Georgia Football in Midseason Form

Perhaps one of the best leads to an article I’ve read in a while came today: “The first clear signal the offseason has begun for Georgia football has arrived: Two Bulldogs football players were arrested and jailed early Sunday morning.” That was from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It’s the third straight January or February where Georgia football had a player arrested. Nice. They’re almost on par with the Bengals. The offenses:

University of Georgia police arrested cornerback Donavon Baldwin, 21, for improper driving and driving under the influence at 3:05 a.m. Sunday.

Fullback Fred Munzenmaier, 19, was arrested 34 minutes later by university police for underage possession of alcohol and being a pedestrian walking in the roadway.

Hardly seems like a crime to me, well, except for the driving part. I feel for Fred though he should be aware of the difference between an Athens street and the Las Vegas strip. Then again, when your coach choreographs an on-field celebration post-touchdown requiring all the players to storm the endzone, you can’t expect much different behavior from the players.