Michigan students hold ‘Fire Dave Brandon’ rally, protest on campus (Video)

Michigan students rallied on campus Tuesday to protest the athletic department’s handling of quarterback Shane Morris, who was sent back into the game Saturday despite showing obvious signs of a concussion.

According to MLive.com, the idea for the rally was started on fan site MGoBlog.com Tuesday morning. The idea culminated with a few hundred students convening on campus in the afternoon to protest the football team’s handling of Morris and subsequent statements by coach Brady Hoke and athletic director Dave Brandon on the matter.

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The students called for the athletic director’s head, repeating chants of “Fire Dave Brandon.” They then marched to the home of president Mark Schlissel.

Schilissel issued a statement on Tuesday to express his “extreme disappointment” with the program for mishandling Morris and allowing him to play in his condition.

Michigan students rally

You can see more photos of the march below:

Detroit Free Press reporter David Jesse covered the rally from start to finish. Below is his account of the events:

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Randy Edsall: Michigan crowd is big but not loud

Michigan Big House

Maryland joins the Big Ten this season and will play at many big-time venues in their first year in the conference. The Terps visit Wisconsin, Penn State and later in the year, Michigan.

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall has been asked about transitioning into the new league, and one question he’s continuously faced has to do with the new crowds and visiting stadiums. On Wednesday, Edsall was asked by The Sports Junkies’ Eric Bickel about playing at Michigan (the game is on Nov. 22). Edsall downplayed the crowd at The Big House.

“You know, I had the opportunity to play in the Big House when I was in Connecticut coaching there, and when they had just finished the expansion [to] 113,000,” Edsall said on 106.7 The Fan. “Yeah, it’s big, but it’s not loud. I mean, that’s one thing with Michigan, it’s not a loud crowd. And I think the biggest thing with that situation, you go in there and they understand that, ‘Hey, the field is the same size here at Byrd as it is there.’

“And the biggest thing you’ve got to do is go out and out and get on top of them and try to take the crowd out of the game. But we’ve played at Clemson and Florida State and those places, and Clemson is as loud as it gets. So I don’t think our guys will be intimidated by that. It’s just kind of the history of the Big House and Ohio [State's] stadium and Penn State. But again, just go focus on what you’ve got to focus on, and that’s playing against the guy you’re lined up next to.”

Edsall isn’t the first person to question the noise level in The Big House, but what’s funny is that Edsall had the exact opposite opinion about Michigan fans back when he was the head coach at UConn.

As the DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg pointed out, Edsall said in 2010 that Michigan’s crowd noise could have been a factor in the Wolverines establishing an early lead and beating his Huskies 30-10.

“I’ll tell you what, it was loud out there,” Edsall said, according to the New Haven Register. “When I told people we were going to Michigan to play and they said it’s not loud, I don’t know what they were talking about. Maybe it was the new additions that kept the sound in, but I thought it was pretty loud.”

It’s pretty obvious that Edsall is just trying to psych up his team so they’re ready for the challenge of playing in the new conference.

Gosh, whose idea was it anyway to put Maryland and Rutgers in the Big Ten? Yuck.

Super drunk driver said Michigan’s pathetic offense drove him to drink

Al Borges MichiganA Michigan man arrested on drunken driving charges two weekends ago said the Wolverines’ pathetic performance against Michigan State led to him getting smashed. True story.

The Dearborn Press & Guide says a 25-year-old man who was super drunk and had urinated himself, was arrested by police around 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 3, not too long after Michigan lost 29-6 at Michigan State. Officers were called after an employee said he saw a car parked for 90 minutes. Officers found the man with his head on his arm. He was asleep and they had to reach in and turn off the ignition.

The Press & Guide also provide this description:

The man appeared confused and disoriented. His speech was slurred, his eyes were watery and bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol. He said he was “drunk,” he had “a lot” of alcohol and urinated on himself.

The guy’s BAC was 0.24 percent. That’s not too far off from Vodka Samm, who blew a .341. The guy told police he was driven to drink by Michigan’s terrible game. He also complained about offensive coordinator Al Borges’ (pictured) play-calling, which resulted in -48 yards rushing. This dude is a hardcore fan, man.

Helmet smack to Deadspin

Two Grandmas Shotgun Beers at Michigan Game (Video)

This may very well be the best video we’ve ever posted here at LBS. Back in May, we passed along a video of a few female fans shotgunning beers at an Indians game. Those were young, college-aged girls — they’re expected to be in tip-top beer pounding form. But a couple of elderly ladies? The only thing they should be able to chug that quickly is their Boost fiber shake. I suppose this is the atmosphere of Michigan football games encapsulated in one short clip.

Thanks to The Big Lead and MGoBlog for sharing the video

Michigan Fans Buy Jim Tressel ‘Liar Liar, Vest on Fire’ Billboard

Things are looking up for the University of Michigan. Not only did they part ways with Rich Rodriguez and bring in a new coach, but their rival Ohio State is under fire for a tattoo-merchandise scandal. The most controversial part of the scandal is that Ohio State coach Jim Tressel covered up the violations committed by his players and lied about it to authorities. In light of this, some Michigan fans decided to take a shot at Tressel by purchasing this billboard on I-94:

That picture comes to us courtesy of Douglas Ray Williams on twitter via Kegs ‘N Eggs. If anything, I would consider it revenge for this billboard put up two years ago in Columbus. Whether it’s flyover airplanes or billboards, college football fans love tweaking their rivals. I can’t complain.

As for Tressel, we’re learning that lying to school officials is a pattern for him dating back to his Youngstown State days.