Young Ohio State fan beats cancer he named ‘Michigan’

Grant-Reed-Urban-MeyerA 12-year-old cancer patient who is a die-hard Ohio State fan came up with a unique way to motivate himself to fight the disease he was diagnosed with two years ago. Grant Reed named his brain tumor “Michigan.”

On Friday, Grant beat Michigan by undergoing his final chemotherapy treatment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

According to NBC 4, Grant’s parents Troy and Denise met when they were both members of the Ohio State University Marching Band in college. Their love for the Buckeyes and hatred for the Wolverines rubbed off on their children, and the rivalry was used to help Grant battle cancer. When asked if he was proud to have beaten Michigan, Grant gave a classic response.

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Desmond Howard victim of Ohio State fans’ photobomb

Desmond Howard Ohio photobomb

There aren’t many people who embody Michigan football more than Desmond Howard. Howard won a Heisman Trophy at Michigan, led the Big Ten in receiving yards and touchdowns twice, and he led the Wolverines to two Rose Bowls. And the poor guy became the unwitting participant in an O-H-I-O spellout, courtesy of some conniving Ohio State Buckeyes fans.

We’ll definitely give these Buckeyes fans an A+ for their creative work, but come on, that’s not really fair at all to Howard! The current college football analyst still hasn’t responded yet to being part of this sneak attack.

Photo credit: Twitter/Brutus Buckeye
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White House removes Ohio State fan petition asking President Obama to lift NCAA sanctions

Those die-hard Ohio State Buckeyes fans are at it again. Buckeyes fans are so upset about their 11-0 football team being unable to participate in the postseason due to NCAA sanctions that they created a White House petition to ask President Obama to pardon the team.

Here’s what the petition said (via With Leather):


Pardon The Ohio State Buckeyes from unjust NCAA sanctions preventing their rightful access to a BCS bowl game.

The Ohio State University football team is one win away from an undefeated season. However, due to imposed sanctions, they are not allowed to participate in their conference’s championship game or the following bowl season. While a punishment for past indiscretions is to be expected, a bowl season ban is too harsh for a few young men trading memorabilia for tattoos and some change. The offending players and coach who covered it up are no longer part of the program. Please exercise your executive power to pardon the NCAA’s excessive sanctions placed on The Ohio State Buckeyes to enable a rightful, satisfying culmination to the college football season for the American people.

Though the petition no doubt garnered plenty of support from the fans, it was killed by the White House because it was in violation of the site’s terms. Buckeyes fans shouldn’t worry. They can instead choose to support a petition on the site that asks for the state of Ohio to secede from the United States and create its own government. In that case, they could pardon their football team.

There are bombings and air strikes between Israel and Palestine, an impending fiscal cliff, the Petraeus scandal, and Ohio State fans are concerned about their team being left out of bowl season. I guess this is what they feel should be their reward for supporting Obama during the election. Get on it, Pres.

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This Ohio State fan went a little overboard on the face paint (Picture)

***This post is sponsored by La Quinta***

Our friend Jerod Morris at Midwest Sports Fans has been traveling around the country and attending sports events over the past month thanks to La Quinta, and he was in Columbus for the Ohio State-Purdue game last weekend. While soaking up the pregame atmosphere in Columbus, he and his friends came across this ridiculously-dressed Buckeyes fan:

I’m guessing this voodoo child put a hex on the Boilermakers, which lost 29-22 in overtime. Head on over to Midwest Sports Fans for many other awesome pictures from the game, including other funny looking fans.

Pizza delivery driver claims he was fired for criticizing Ohio State’s defense to coach’s wife

A man claims he was fired from his pizza delivery job for criticizing Ohio State’s defense to the wife of Buckeyes defensive coordinator Luke Fickell.

The man, who is a college student and was working at Iacono’s in Shawnee Hills, Ohio, reportedly told WSYX in Columbus that he delivered a pizza to Fickell’s wife two days before the Sept. 29 Ohio State-Michigan State football game.

The man says he told Fickell’s wife that the team needed better tackling and that she laughed. He says the comment was made over the phone while he was taking the order, not when he made the delivery.

She apparently didn’t find the joke too funny; the man says he was fired from his job the next day after Fickell’s wife called the restaurant and said she would never order another pizza from them again.

The pizza place would not comment on the report.

Ohio State gave the following response to WSYX:

“An OSU Athletics spokesman says it would not be uncommon for a consumer to register a complaint with a retail manager over a negative experience, if the Fickells did indeed have such a discussion. It is unfortunate that this individual has lost his job, but the responsibility for this should not rest with the Fickell family.”

Looks like the delivery man learned a lesson about sticking to business matters while on the job. This is easily the oddest fired employee story since this one.

Incidentally, Ohio State won that game 17-16 and is 6-0 on the season.

Helmet smack to Off the Bench

Michigan commit Kyle Bosch uses threat to warn Ohio State fans to lay off Logan Tuley-Tillman

Michigan offensive lineman commit Logan Tuley-Tillman started a firestorm when he tweeted a picture of him burning a recruiting letter from Ohio State. Tuley-Tillman told Yahoo! Sports’ Dr. Saturday that the letter burning resulted in death threats from Ohio State fans.

Since then, Kyle Bosch, another Michigan class of 2013 commit, defended Tuley-Tillman. However, his questionable tweet may cause the touchy situation to escalate:

Yeah, threatening violence to people whom you’re reprimanding for threatening violence isn’t exactly the best way to make it all stop. Maybe this is all part of the younger generation’s attempt to replace Alabama-Auburn as the most intense rivalry in college football. If so, they’re off to a strong yet terribly unhealthy start.

UPDATE: Bosch later deleted the above tweet and apologized.

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Ohio State Fans Use Dead Body of Roy Miracle to Spell Out O-H-I-O

That’s LBS commenter SpinMax’s family at his grandfather’s funeral. Yup, SpinMax’s family is so insensitive they’re using a dead body as a prop. Just kidding.

That picture is actually of Roy Miracle and his family. Here’s the description of the photo provided by Juli Miracle, who is second from the left:

Long time fan who was always the “I-O”, is forever the permanent “I”. Roy Miracle was shown in an OSU turtle neck that he loved, and holding the position that he loved! The rest of the long time fans are from left to right, Ann Robinson, Juli Miracle, my Dad (Roy Miracle), and Rick Ives.

If those fans are as rabid as they say, why couldn’t they spring for an Ohio State-themed casket? Actually, I have a better idea for them. To truly join the category of crazy fans here at LBS, they should take his casket to the Ohio State-Michigan game like these insane soccer fans did. Now that’s what’s up.

And Bama fans think poisoning trees is hard core …

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