Phil Mickelson incurs 61% tax rate after winning British Open

Phil-Mickelson-Claret-JugPhil Mickelson made headlines earlier this year when he ranted about his astronomically high tax rate in the state of California. While no one wants to hear one of the wealthiest athletes in the world complain about money, I can see how the tax rate he incurred after winning The Open Championship might be a bit frustrating.

The week before he won his first Open Championship, Mickelson also won the Scottish Open. Between the two tournaments, he earned $2,167,500. Not bad for two weeks of work, but the 43-year-old will take home well under half of the earnings.

As Forbes pointed out, the United Kingdom has set Scotland’s tax rate at 45% for people who make over 150,000 pounds ($230,000 US), meaning Mickelson had to leave $954,000 of his winnings in Scotland before he left. In addition to that 45%, the UK also taxes the endorsement income of non-resident athletes. Mickelson will be taxed for any bonuses he receives for winning the tournaments in addition to ranking bonuses he receives at the end of the year. Those taxes will be 45% as well.

Forbes went on to note that Mickelson can take a foreign tax credit on his 2013 US return so he is not taxed twice at the federal level for the money he earned overseas. However, he will still have to pay a 2.9% unemployment tax and 13.3% tax for the state of California. All of that math adds up to a 61.12% tax on everything he earned while dominating in Scotland. Of the $2,167,500 he earned, Mickelson will take home about $842,700 before expenses (which include paying his caddie).

Is Phil hurting for money? Hardly, but I guarantee you 99 out of 100 people who were in his position and being taxed over 60% would whine about it. As regular middle-class citizens, we just don’t want to hear it.

Phil Mickelson talks about reporter who asked him a ‘dumbass question’ (Video)

Phil-Mickelson-dumbass-questionPhil Mickelson is generally regarded as one of the more polite and soft-spoken people in sports. Despite the fact that he makes around $60 million a year through tournaments and endorsements, Phil comes across as a pretty humble guy. That doesn’t mean he’s immune to getting frustrated with reporters who ask useless questions.

During the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill on Thursday, Mickelson was speaking with a reporter from the Golf Channel about being asked dumb questions. He said the most useless question he was ever asked was if he was looking forward to Augusta.

Since Phil has had some of the most exciting moments in his career at The Masters, which happens to be the most important golf event of the calendar year, the question can be seen as a waste of time. Clearly that’s exactly how Mickelson viewed it.

Video via Game On!

Phil Mickelson slips, falls on rear trying to locate ball on beach (Video)

Phil Mickelson fallsPhil Mickelson slipped and fell on his backside while trying to locate a ball at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Saturday.

Mickelson was looking for a tee shot on the part-5 18th hole when he slipped on the rocks and had an embarrassing moment. Lefty took a triple bogey on the hole, including two penalty shots, which moved him further away from contention.

Mickelson had a tougher time on Saturday compared to his previous two rounds. He shot a 1-over 73 after going three under Thursday and one under Friday, making him one under for the tournament.

Pebble Beach is one of the most scenic golf courses in the world, but there are a few hazards to playing so close to the coast. Mickelson knows that all too well.

Video via The Big Lead, GIF via CBS Sports

Phil Mickelson lips out putt to miss shooting 59 (Video)

phil mickelsonPhil Mickelson tied a course record at TPC Scottsdale with a career-low round on Thursday, but he was just a centimeter or less away from posting an even more spectacular score.

Mickelson was putting on hole No. 9 – his final hole — for what would have been just the sixth 59 in PGA Tour history. The ball rolled toward the hole and lipped out, leaving Mickelson in disbelief.

He still had an easy putt to finish his round and ended with an 11-under 60, which was good enough to give him the first-round lead at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

“You don’t have chances to shoot 59 often,” Mickelson said. “To have that putt on line I’m kind of mortified that it didn’t go in.”

The heartbreak of the putt was best embodied by Mickelson’s caddie, Bones McKay, bent over on the ground in disappointment.

Mickelson’s 60 tied the course record, which he set in 2005.

H/T Devil Ball Golf

Phil Mickelson not yet ready to say that Tiger Woods is ‘back’

Slowly but surely, Tiger Woods is rediscovering his stroke. Fortunately for Tiger, he was only in his mid-30s when his life came crashing down around him. In terms of golf, that is very young. His game has been in shambles for the past two years, but Tiger has recently started showing signs of his old self. He came in second at the Honda Classic last weekend after shooting a 62 on Sunday — the best single round of his career. Ernie Els declared that Tiger was “back” after the fantastic finish, but Phil Mickelson is not ready to make that declaration just yet.

“Yeah, obviously he (Els) was paying attention a couple of weeks ago, which is nice to see,” Mickelson said sarcastically when asked about Els’ comments, according to the NY Daily News.

“At least I thought it was funny,” he said after the reporters stopped laughing.

Mickelson was referring to his win at Pebble Beach a little over two weeks ago, when Woods was in the hunt on Sunday but Phil put together an amazing round and shot 11 strokes better than Tiger. That Tiger was the new Tiger — the one that folds under pressure. We saw the old Tiger on Sunday at the Honda Classic, but it might be safer to wait until the new Tiger sticks around for a while before declaring that he’s “back.”

As for why Phil felt the need to take a shot at Tiger, it may be because Woods reportedly stood him up earlier this week when the two were supposed to play a practice round together at Augusta.

“I guess it was the intimidation,” Mickelson joked according to Eye on Golf.

We’re glad Woods stood him up. Tiger and Phil as friends? What fun would that be?

H/T Game On!

Phil Mickelson hits ball into fan’s shorts, gives him autographed glove (Video)

Phil Mickelson hit an errant tee shot on the Par-4 15th hole of the Northern Trust Open in Los Angeles Saturday that actually ended up in a spectator’s shorts. Yes, the ball literally ended up stuck in a fan’s shorts.

Mickelson sliced his tee shot into the gallery and somehow the ball ended up in the hem of the fan’s shorts. Mickelson saw the fan lying on his back and feared the worst, but the fan hadn’t moved because the ball was still in his clothing.

“I thought I had taken him out,” Mickelson said. “It wouldn’t have been the first time.”

Mickelson took a drop and managed a par on the hole. He finished the third round of the tournament with a 1-under 70 and entered the final round tied for the lead with Keegan Bradley.

What was great was the way Lefty immediately handed over a personalized autographed glove to apologize. Not only did the fan get quite the memento, but he also has a great story to share with his friends.

Video: Phil Mickelson Takes Batting Practice at Fenway Park

Phil Mickelson is one of many golfers playing the Deutsche Bank Championship this weekend. The tournament takes place in Norton, Mass. not too far from Fenway Park. Mickelson decided to pop on over to the ballpark Thursday night and took batting practice before the game. Let’s just say it’s a good thing his golf swing brings in the millions:

Not the prettiest of swings, but at least he got some distance on it. Larry Fitzgerald could take a cue.