Robin Lopez takes picture with his twin brother

Robin Lopez Sideshow Bob

After years of everyone having fun at Robin Lopez’s expense, mocking him for looking like Sideshow Bob from “The Simpsons,” Lopez finally made the magic happen.

Lopez posted the above photo of him posing in front of a photo of Sideshow Bob, along with a great caption:

“Robert Terwilliger and yours truly #SideshowToSideshow #ILoveYouKelseyGrammer.”

How can you not love it? And how can you not love Lopez calling Sideshow Bob by his full name Robert Terwilliger?

Oh, and because we know how some of you are, yes, we fully realize that Robin has a real twin brother, Brook. But that is not of importance in this matter.

Photo: Instagram/Gustogummi88
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Dwight Howard, Robin Lopez both get technicals for Howard being a baby (GIFs)


If Game 1 was any indication, the opening round playoff series between the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers could be one of the best of the postseason. The Blazers came away with a 122-120 overtime victory on Sunday in a game that got very chippy at times, especially between Dwight Howard and Robin Lopez.

Lopez and Howard battled in the low post throughout most of the night. Howard finished with 15 rebounds and 27 points while Lopez had eight boards and scored six. Late in the second quarter, Howard was called for a loose ball foul while the two were fighting for a rebound. He was then given a technical foul after he appeared to intentionally drop the ball on Lopez.

It didn’t end there. The Rockets were very fortunate Howard was not given his second technical and ejected from the game in the fourth quarter when he blatantly elbowed Lopez in the midsection after a whistle.

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Brook Lopez dunked on twin brother Robin Lopez (Video)

Brook-Lopez-dunk-on-Robin-LopezNo two players in the NBA are more familiar with each other’s game than Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez. Brothers who grow up together typically play sports against one another, but brothers who are the exact same age and grow up to be 7-feet tall probably take that to another level.

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume the Lopez brothers are accustomed to dunking on one another. On Tuesday night, it was Brook who stole the spotlight by throwing down on Robin during the Brooklyn Nets’ win over the New Orleans Hornets. As you can see, Brook found it pretty funny after the fact while he was sitting on the bench. Considering Robin is the twin who was terrified on Splash Mountain (photo evidence here), we’re not really surprised.

However, let us not lose sight of the fact that Brook was simply returning the favor. Three years ago when he was still with the Phoenix Suns, Robin cut through the lane and dunked on Brook. The brother who is clearly more talented and had the better career at Stanford (Brook) wanted no part of it.

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Robin Lopez got scared riding Splash Mountain (Picture)

The Lopez twins took a trip to one of the Disney theme parks and rode Splash Mountain. Though Brook seemed to be loving things, Robin was a different story. Look at him down in the corner, hands covering his mouth, eyebrows bent all nervously. Poor guy. Let’s just hope he was doing that as an act, because no grown man his age and size should get scared on a kiddie coaster.

At least his reaction wasn’t as bad as LaMichael James‘. That was the best.

H/T Grantland via Ball Don’t Lie

Kevin Love takes picture in front of cavemen, calls them Brook and Robin Lopez

It appears Kevin Love recently visited a museum of some sort, and since he loves messing with people on Twitter he saw it as an opportunity to rip on Brook and Robin Lopez. Love tweeted the photo you see above on Wednesday with the following message:

“Just chillin’ with Brook and Robin Lopez.”

As he showed us with the picture he tweeted of Team USA sleeping on their plane to the London Olympics, Kevin is always searching for his next victim to humiliate via social media. Sorry Lopez twins, it was just your time.

Robin Lopez Dating Michelle Wie

Credit Sports by Brooks with another Mitch Johnson-like dish today. Jason over at SbB caught the news that one of Stanford’s finest Twin Trees is dating none other than the most overhyped golfer in the world, Michelle Wie. This is quite the news considering it’s the first I’ve heard anything of the sort. With reason according to SbB:

Ramona Shelburne of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pens a piece on a day in the life of Stanford’s 7-foot-1 basketball brothers Brook & Robin Lopez.

Robin is dating Stanford’s current most famous female coed, golf phenom Michelle Wie, although both have tried to keep things as quiet as possible.

Well, looks like the cat it out of the bag. The over/under line for the amount of times we hear this story over the next few days while Stanford plays in the Sweet 16 is officially set at 50. Man, you figure if either of them would bag Wie, it’d be Brook since he’s the better player. Then again, he and Wie wouldn’t have anything in common; Brook actually makes shots in the clutch.

UPDATE: The two have been photographed together.

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