Roddy White complains Adrian Peterson will cost him in fantasy

Roddy White

Leave it to Roddy White to deliver another swell opinion on life.

The controversial and outspoken Atlanta Falcons wide receiver complained on Twitter Friday that Adrian Peterson being deactivated would probably cost him his fantasy matchup.

Jesus help us? There’s a difference between “disciplining” a child and excessively beating one. Someone needs to explain that to White and show him these pictures of the child’s injuries:

Adrian Peterson son abuse

White later deleted the tweet and apologized:

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Roddy White’s brother shot and killed outside club

Roddy-White-FalconsRoddy White’s brother was reportedly shot and killed outside a nightclub in South Carolina early Saturday morning. Tryone Moore Jr., 21, died of a gunshot wound, according to The Post and Courier.

Moore was White’s half-brother. He lived with the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver for several years back when he was attending high school in Atlanta. White and Moore were raised by their mother Joenethia White.

Police responded to reports of a shooting at the Lake House Club at 2:51 a.m. Saturday. The shots were allegedly fired during an altercation, and detectives are still searching for a suspect

Our thoughts are with White and his family.

Roddy White follows through with bet, gives fan Dylan Hoyt season tickets

Roddy-White-NFC-PreviewIt looks like nonstop pressure from the Twitter world has won out with Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. As most of you have heard by now, White told a fan on Twitter that he would give him season tickets if Mercer somehow beat Duke in the NCAA Tournament. The shocking upset happened, and White later said he was only giving the fan tickets to one game.

The 32-year-old veteran used the lame excuse that gambling is illegal in the NFL, though promising a fan tickets isn’t really gambling. The fan, Dylan Hoyt, was a great sport about the entire thing and said he did not want to become a distraction to the Falcons. On Thursday, White changed his mind and decided he will give Hoyt season tickets and then some.

Hoyt happily accepted the gift and took another jab at White over the Blue Devils’ early exit from the tournament.

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Roddy White will not give fan season tickets because ‘it’s illegal to gamble in the NFL’

Roddy-White-FalconsRoddy White is a huge Duke fan, and like most others he was extremely confident that the Blue Devils would get past Mercer in their first game of the NCAA Tournament. We all know what happened in that game, and those of you who don’t can watch this Mercer player dance to refresh your memory.

Prior to the game, White responded to a Twitter follower who told him Mercer was going to beat Duke. He said he would give the Chicago Bears fan season tickets in the first row at the 50-yard-line if Duke lost. White said a few days later that he would give the guy tickets to the Bears game instead.

He hasn’t stopped hearing about it since. Fans want to see White follow through with his promise. His excuse for not doing so is incredibly lame.

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Roddy White owes fan prime season tickets after Duke loss to Mercer

Roddy WhiteRoddy White’s big mouth got him in trouble again, and it remains to be seen whether or not he’s going to pay up.

White is a big sports fan and loves to tweet about whatever sports he’s watching. He often talks about his Boston Celtics or Duke Blue Devils.

On Tuesday, he was tweeting about his Blue Devils and saying he thought they would win the championship.

Then he said his Celtics should draft Jabari Parker.

Then he explained how Rodney Hood would be a key factor in Duke’s tournament run:

And then White sent the tweet that could cost him after a Twitter person told him Mercer was going to beat Duke:

Sure enough, Mercer won the game. Roddy has been silent on Twitter since then.

We’re guessing he’ll find a way to back out. No way he really gives the fan tickets on the 50-yard line, right?

UPDATE: Shortly after we published and the story received attention, White addressed the matter over Twitter.

Better than nothing, right?

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Roddy White wonders if Jim Irsay will be punished by NFL for recent arrest

Roddy WhiteSince taking over as commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell has made it a point to punish players for questionable off-the-field conduct.

At various times during Goodell’s tenure, we’ve heard the phrase “protecting the shield” in reference to maintaining the integrity of the league. Goodell has not been shy about the conduct standards he expects from those associated with the league.

In the wake of recent news that Jim Irsay was arrested for driving under the influence, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White wonders if the Indianapolis Colts owner will be subject to any punishment by the NFL.

Roddy White rarely filters what he says on Twitter, like this time when referring to Alex Smith, so this can’t be seen as completely surprising.

White does, however, raise a relevant point. Owners are included under the NFL personal conduct policy and, therefore, not exempt from being punished should the league deem it to be necessary. Whether that happens remains to be seen.

Roddy White arrested for failure to appear in court

Roddy-White-mugshotAtlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was arrested early Tuesday morning after he reportedly failed to appear in court. He was booked at around 4:30 a.m. and released shortly thereafter on $168 bond.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, White failed to appear in court on a traffic charge. He allegedly had a warrant out for not paying a fine after police wrote him a ticket for having “non-transparent material on windows.”

Come on, man. A traffic violation? For tinted windows? You make millions of dollars. Either appeal the ticket like everyone else or just pay the fine and get on with your life. Talk about getting arrested for something pointless.