Old Dominion streaker was the real deal (Video)

The term “streaker” is probably one of the most overused words in sports venues around the world. By definition, a streaker is someone who runs naked in a public place. Simply running onto a field during a game doesn’t make you a streaker. Doing what one crazy fan did at the Old Dominion-Middle Tennessee game on Friday night does.

Some nutjob (no pun intended) let it all hang out as he sprinted onto the field wearing nothing but his sneakers. He had “ODU” written across his chest and even managed to rush for a touchdown and spike the ball before security was able to take him down.


Do we condone fans running onto a football field naked? No, but don’t try telling me this guy isn’t committed to his craft.

If streakers are something you’re into (you perverts), we have more here.

Streaker runs onto field during World Cup final, and LeBron got the video

World Cup streakerLeBron James: MVP player on the field, MVP videographer off of it.

A streaker ran onto the pitch during the finals of the World Cup Sunday, and none other than LeBron — who was in Brazil to watch the finals — captured the video and shared it with the world.

That looked like a pretty solid effort by the streaker, too. He even got the security guards to slip on the grass, which is always a win.

Thank you, LeBron. Everyone enjoys a good streaker video. Thank you for bringing it to the people.

Deion Sanders helped Pro Bowl streaker avoid jail

A fan who ran onto the field during the Pro Bowl in Hawaii last weekend says she avoided jail thanks to the influence of Deion Sanders.

Katrina Torres ran onto the field at Aloha Stadium after the NFC scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter as a tribute to her ailing cousin. Her cousin, Gary, was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident two years ago and can’t talk (you can see him in this video). She says he always wanted to go to the Pro Bowl but never made it, so her actions were a tribute to him.

Torres told KHON that Gary was watching on TV from New Mexico.

“He can’t talk, but he was just smiling a lot and he was just fist pumping. They said as soon as we saw you jump, his face just lit up and he was just fist pumping and stuff so that made it so worth it for me,” Torres said.

Torres had the words “I did it 4 Gary” written across her back, and she says she promised Gary she would do it. She even told her family about her plans, and they were all for it.

Katrina Torres

Though what Torres did is illegal — she’s been banned from Aloha Stadium for a year — she managed to avoid jail because of Sanders’ influence. Primetime apparently heard the girl’s story and was moved to defend her.

“Deion Sanders came running behind us and he’s like, ‘Hey don’t arrest her. That was really cool. Just don’t arrest her. If you arrest her, I’m gonna bail her right out,’” Torres told KHON.

We definitely have to give Torres some props. She is fast, athletic, and she can jump. Shoot, maybe she should try out for a women’s football league.

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Fan runs onto field during All-Star Game despite warning from mother (GIF)

A fan ran onto the field during the MLB All-Star Game at Citi Field on Tuesday night, and he was absolutely leveled by security on a takedown in the infield. The best part — aside from the sick tackle — is the awesome moment would not have been possible without the magic of Twitter.

Fan Dylan Masone sent a tweet about 15 minutes before the All-Star Game began saying he would run onto the field during the game if his tweet got 1,000 retweets.

About an hour later, his tweet had been retweeted 380 times, making Masone somewhat nervous:

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Three girls ran onto the field at the CWS, recorded themselves on video

Hill girls streak College World Series

Three girls who all appear to be related ran onto the field at the College World Series on Tuesday night, recorded themselves doing it on video, and talked about it before and after on Twitter. Let me just tell you this: these girls tweeted some gems.

So here’s the setup. The girls in question are Kayleigh Hill, Emily Hill, and Torrie Hill, and they’re from Omaha, Neb. They were at the final game of the CWS, which UCLA won 8-0 over Mississippi State to win their first baseball title in school history.

Early in the game, Kayleigh Hill first told the Twitter world that the three would run onto the field if they could raise enough money to cover the fine:

Then, during the sixth inning, two of the Hill girls announced their plans on Twitter to run out onto the field:

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Fan runs onto field at Royals-Angels game, steals rosin bag, makes cop eat dirt (Video)

A fan ran onto the field at Kauffman Stadium during the middle of the eighth inning in a game between the Los Angeles Angels and Kansas City Royals, providing some of the best excitement of the night.

Angels reliever Michael Kohn had an 0-2 count on Alcides Escobar in the bottom of the eighth when a fan wearing a Royals jersey ran onto the field. The fan ran right behind the pitching mound, slid onto the dirt, snagged the rosin bag, got up, and scampered away.

The dude had a police officer on his tail and managed to shake the cop with a surprise slide onto the mound. The unsuspecting cop tripped and ate it on the mound, allowing the fan to momentarily break free while waving around his prized souvenir. The guy was just absolutely playing to the crowd, too. He was showboating and everything after flying through the field capture-the-flag-style.

Alas, the fan was eventually tackled and handcuffed by police, but not before taking them on a wild ride.

Let’s relive the fan’s glory.

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Buck naked streaker runs across field, hops two fences, escapes in getaway car (Video)

This video is probably NSFW due to the streaker’s nudity, but please don’t let that be a reason why you don’t watch it. This is freaking hilarious:

How many streakers actually have things well planned out in advance? This guy had a freaking getaway car. A getaway car! Most of the time you have to be hammered drunk or high in order to be convinced to run on a field, but not this dude. He had things all planned.

And how about the nads on him to actually hop not one, but two fences without wearing pants! I don’t know about you, but that’s getting a little too close to comfort for me. The one thing you can say about this guy is he has balls.

Best part of the video? Lame security guard totally eating it by the fence. Classic.

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