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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Maria Sharapova’s short hair was just a wig (Pictures)

Maria Sharapova created a buzz by sharing a few pictures of herself with short hair, but the change isn’t as drastic as it appeared. A report said she was only wearing a wig in the pictures that appeared on her Facebook page, and Sharapova later confirmed that was the case.

“Wow, when I posted those photos with the short hair I had no idea everyone would all go bananza….( my dear friends, I never actually said I cut my hair!) so for the sake of my email inbox and it’s stressful 24 hours, I would like to show you the below pictures…my hair is still long…and blonde…and well it’s pretty much the same! We did a shoot a few days ago and I sported all types of hair styles…long and yes short (a wig!!!),” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Even though she looks great with the short hair, those of you who were worried about her drastic fashion change can rest assured that it was only temporary.

“I love the short hair look but it doesn’t work with my lifestyle,” Sharapova told Just Jared.

UPDATE: In order to completely clear the air and assure people she still has her long, flowing locks, Sharpova shared the following photo on her Facebook page:

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