Venus Williams Is a College Graduate

And she would make Van Wilder proud. The super-duper senior will be walking across stage next week following nearly a decade of academic rigors. The reward, Venus Williams is now a college graduate:

Venus Williams will be adding another accomplishment to her long list when she walks across the commencement stage on Thursday, December 13, to receive her associate’s degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Williams, who has been attending the college since the fall of 1999, has been dedicated to finishing her studies in the midst of Grand Slam, US Open, and Wimbledon wins to receive this long sought after degree.

I do have to say, with her busy agenda, it’s impressive that she was able to fit in time to attend classes. Just imagine where her tennis career could have gone without this waning interest. Venus fell off the map for a few years to develop her outside fashion desires. Without them, her tennis legacy could have been much more impressive. Still, I’m sure her sister, father and boyfriend will be proudly cheering her on when she walks across that stage.

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  • sue

    Waning for a very good cause. Maybe if martina had some productive waning interest she would not have time to snork cocain. Venus did what was very important to her and that is to acquire an education…..your back handed so call compliment is not warranted. I would not put tennis above my education. Great job Vee……I hope you let tennis wane again and continue your education for your BA. You are a great role model. I know your parents are very proud of you. With your multimillions you did not have to pursue a degree you could have done what the other celebraties did and just add your name to a label, but you took it a step further and actually got your degree in the field that you are interested in thus lending more credibility to your product. I will be running to S&B to purchase your merchandise…..Again, great job.

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Finally! Now she can make that guest appearance on ‘Girlfriends.’

  • rob enderle

    >associate’s degree in Fashion Design from The >Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

    Yes, its right up there with Oxford and Sorbonne i hear.

    Im sure she’ll be successful in the big and large clothing field: trannies like to look good too.


  • Gene

    Maybe now she can go on for an advanced degree in modesty and good sportsmanship. That would be a real accomplishment for her.

  • lucy

    bunch of jealous bitches. Dudes, she did not have to attend college with the millions she has but she decided to do it and complete it. The majority of the players on the WTA never even finish HS. Venus, you done a great job girl. You are a great role model, and I am sure every parent out there with kids would love for them to turn out like you. Keep up the great work. We your fans are damn proud of you.

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