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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Adrien Broner memes come strong after loss to Marcos Maidana

Adrien Broner meme

If you were ever curious how the internet might look if Floyd Mayweather Jr. actually lost a fight, this is a small taste.

Adrien Broner is nowhere near as well known as Mayweather, but he has a huge following. He is hated as much as Mayweather because of his flashy ways, which is actually a good thing; people pay to see the villain because they want to watch him lose.

Unlike Floyd, though, Broner actually lost, which gave the people what they wanted. And the internet loved it and capitalized.

Shortly after his loss to Maidana, the internet was flooded with Broner memes using pictures of his knockdown or how dazed he looked clearing out of the ring after the decision. First are the memes using the pictures of his knockdown.

Here he is doing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance:

Even better … the Soulja Boy:

Here he is as a DJ on the turntables:

Here he is in a wrestling ring:

Here he is getting his hair brushed:

Below are the memes using the photos of him leaving the arena in bad shape.

Here he is as a losing video game character:

Here he is embraced by Drake:

The internet is a cold, heartless place sometimes. Nobody capitalizes on someone’s worst or most embarrassing moments quite like internet haters. And Saturday was Broner’s time to get it. He can only hope that after getting the support of Mayweather, he can bounce back and recover from the loss. It’s going to be a long way back.

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