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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Car Wash Proof: Lenny Dykstra Has Officially Gone Out of Business

Not more than two years ago, we asked the question here at LBS: Would you let Lenny Dykstra give you stock tips? Turns out the best answer would have been “no,” considering Nails filed for bankruptcy a few months ago, citing $50,000 in assets and several millions in liabilities. Dykstra’s house was put up for sale, and I’m guessing the bank seized most of his possessions. This reality was officially confirmed for me when I found myself at the car wash formerly owned by Lenny Dykstra. There was a big sign confirming the new ownership and title of “Simi Auto Spa,” but the remnants of Nails were plentiful. Check out some of the pics:


It may only be Simi Auto Spa now, but you can still order a single, double, triple, or home run car wash package, and you can receive “All-Star” status as a customer. Inside of the car wash, they still have baseball memorabilia including Dykstra jerseys hanging on the walls. Yes, you have things right: the new owners are profiting off Dykstra’s name and legacy while promoting their “new ownership.” Didn’t seem that way to me. As for a review, it was a little pricey for my taste but had an upscale feel and appeal.

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