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Friday, February 22, 2019

California Chrome nasal strips popular with fans at Belmont Stakes

Victor Espinoza California Chrome nasal strip

They’ll do anything to make a buck these days, huh?

California Chrome wears a nasal strip when racing and his owners even had an issue with the Belmont Stakes when it appeared that they might not let the horse wear one for the race. New York didn’t allow it, but they changed the rule to allow California Chrome to wear it. Now some geniuses are capitalizing on the attention.

Purple nasal strips with “California Chrome” written on them were being sold at Belmont at the price of 2 for $5.

CNN has the full story on the nasal strip, which is called a Flair Equine Nasal Strip. The strips are designed to help horses breathe and reduce the chance of pulmonary bleeding.

I just hope Chrome is getting a cut of all this action. Guy probably could use the additional revenue for his 401k.

Here are some other fans wearing the strips:

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