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Adam Schefter hilariously accepts Tyreek Hill’s invitation to race

Tyreek Hill

Adam Schefter is known for his speed in breaking NFL news stories, but the ESPN reporter isn’t known for his actual speed on a football field. It sounds like that will be put to the test anyway.

It started with Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who found a rather innocuous tweet that led to a challenge against the ESPN reporter.

Schefter did not shy away from the challenge.

It’s not like Schefter has much to lose. Nobody will expect him to prevail, and for good reason. We’ll see how serious he is about accepting the challenge, but honestly, why not?

Adam Schefter responds to backlash from Stephon Gilmore’s wife

Stephon Gilmore

Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore both tested positive for the coronavirus recently, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter said last week that the two New England Patriots had dinner together before the first positive test was returned. Gilmore’s wife was unhappy with the report, but Schefter insists he was not looking to scold anyone.

During an appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia last Wednesday, Schefter said he was told Gilmore and Newton met for dinner the night before Newton tested positive for COVID-19. Gilmore then tested positive later in the week.

Gilmore’s wife Gabrielle took to Twitter on Tuesday to say any talk of the All-Pro cornerback having dinner with Newton is “false news.” She said she was “annoyed” by the report.

On Wednesday, Schefter told WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” that he was not trying to ruffle any feathers. He insisted he was not implying that Newton and Gilmore did something irresponsible.

“I have great respect for Stephon Gilmore, Mrs. Gilmore. I’m not looking to refute anybody … I don’t know why this is an issue,” Schefter said. “Cam Newton tested positive early Saturday morning. The night before Stephon Gilmore and Cam Newton had dinner. That’s all. They didn’t do anything wrong. They had dinner. What’s the problem? It’s nobody’s fault. They did have dinner Friday night.

“It wasn’t a report. It wasn’t anything. It was just a fact. That’s all it is. I’m not trying to upset anybody. I’m not trying to point any fingers. … I don’t know if they had dinner at Cam’s house, or Stephon Gilmore’s house or at the Patriots (facility), but they had dinner together Friday night.”

In other words, Schefter was just wondering out loud if Newton passed COVID-19 to Gilmore. That doesn’t mean the players were breaking any type of protocol. Of course, social media interpreted it as if Gilmore and Newton were being reckless, which is the narrative that irritate Gabrielle.

Now that the Patriots’ Week 5 game against the Denver Broncos was postponed to next week, both Newton and Gilmore have a shot at being cleared. Multiple Broncos players have expressed frustration over the schedule changes.

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Is Tom Brady setting up to leave the Patriots? Adam Schefter thinks so

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been with the New England Patriots since 2000. He has won six Super Bowls with the team and become the greatest quarterback in history while playing for the franchise. And he’s still playing at a high level even at age 42. But does Brady anticipate remaining with the Patriots beyond this season? He seems to be preparing for a future without them.

Prior to the Patriots’ “Monday Night Football” game against the New York Jets, ESPN’s crew had a discussion about Brady’s future. Adam Schefter listed all the reasons why he believes Brady is preparing to move on from New England.

“Let’s boil this down to the basic facts once again,” Schefter said. “Let’s look at some simple things: has he put his home for sale? Yes. Has his trainer put his home for sale? Yes. Has he set up his contract to void after this season to become a free agent? Yes. So if he’s selling his home and his trainer is selling his home and he’s voiding his contract? What does that tell you? He’s setting up to move on.”

Schefter cautions that Brady could change his mind, but in Schefter’s view, Brady is thinking about leaving New England.

Suzy Kolber added that the subject came up during their discussion ahead of the game.

“He said ‘how many people get to work for the same company their whole careers? Sometimes teams want to do different things. If it doesn’t work out, so be it. This is bonus time for me.'”

This matter is not a new topic. In 2015, Brady’s father said Bill Belichick would not hesitate to cut the quarterback if the coach no longer thinks Tom can perform. Perhaps Brady is trying to get a step ahead in that process.

Brady has suggested in the past that he wants to play until he’s 45 years old. If the Patriots want to move on from him, other teams would probably want the legend as their QB.

Back in August, Brady said not to read too much into his decision to sell his house.

Is ESPN’s Chris Mortensen subtweeting rival Ian Rapoport with rat emojis over Adam Schefter scoops?

Chris Mortensen

ESPN veteran NFL reporter Chris Mortensen caused some confusion on Twitter Monday by sending some odd tweets that some think may be targeted at a rival reporter.

Mortensen on three occasions Monday sent tweets containing rat emojis. Zach Schwartz speculated that the rat tweets were intended for NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, who just so happened to tweet the same reports as ESPN’s Adam Schefter a minute later.

The first scoop came when Schefter tweeted about Jalen Ramsey’s trade request at 3:13 pm. Rapoport tweeted the same scoop at 3:14 pm. At 3:36 pm, Mort tweeted his first rat emoji.

Next up was Schefter breaking news of the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade at 7:09 pm. Rapoport tweeted the same scoop at 7:10 pm. Mort tweeted two rat emojis at 7:14 pm.

Finally, Schefter shared at 7:42 pm that Trevor Siemian would undergo an MRI on his ankle. Rapoport tweeted the same scoop at 7:43 pm. Mort tweeted three rat emojis at 7:44 pm.

The timing of all of Mort’s tweets certainly are suspect and could point to him taking shots at Rapoport.

In all three cases, Rapoport tweeted the same news as Schefter a minute after the ESPN reporter did.

It’s entirely possible — and even likely — that Rapoport has the same sources and maybe heard the same information as Schefter at the same time and just was barely slower sending his tweets. It’s entirely possible that Mort’s rat emojis have nothing to do with Rapoport.

It’s also entirely possible that Mort thinks Rapoport is copying Schefter’s reports, or at the very least, piggybacking on the scoops without giving credit.

Rapoport has been called out in the past over his reporting and had a very good defense. If Mort is indeed taking aim at Rapoport, we are definitely giving the NFL Network reporter the benefit of the doubt. And if Mort is holding this theory, he could always tell Schefter to tweet a trap and see what happens.

Whatever the case, we are definitely here for the scoop wars.

Adam Schefter defends breaking Andrew Luck retirement story

Adam Schefter ESPN

Andrew Luck’s original plan regarding his retirement was to hold a press conference on Sunday afternoon to announce the shocking story. The matter became complicated when ESPN reporter Adam Schefter broke the news on Saturday evening during an Indianapolis Colts home preseason game. Due to the news leaking, many of Luck’s teammates did not hear about the news directly from the quarterback, and Luck ended up holding an impromptu press conference after the game.

Even though he upset the plans for the way Luck was going to handle his retirement announcement, Schefter defends his handling of the news in a recent appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,”. Schefter said that he had no awareness of the status of the Colts’ game, and moreover, his job is to report big news stories like this one.

“Number one, I’m at a surprise 75th birthday dinner for my mother-in-law,” Schefter said. “I apologize for not tracking where and when the Colts players’ preseason game was when the information’s coming into me. That’s number one. Number two, as you mentioned, that is my job when I get news. Number three, there have been any number of stories that I’ve sat on over the years. Somebody’s asked me to wait, can you just wait until I notify the player of this trade, or the coach knows he’s being fired or hired, or whatever it may be, before you report it.

“I got the information. I never stopped to think, boy, I wonder what part of the game they’re in. I wonder if this will be disruptive. I wondered how am I going to get this confirmed? Am I going to give people a heads up? Which I did. I called a couple of different people in the Colts organization to let them know that I’m going to be reporting a story. Nobody picked up. Nobody got back to me. Somebody could’ve called me back and said, hey, we’re in whatever part of the game we’re in, would you mind waiting? Nobody did that. I reported it when I felt comfortable with the information, which I would do 100 times out of 100 over again.”

Schefter added that, given the number of people within the organization who were aware of Luck’s decision long before Schefter reported it, it was remarkable that the news did not leak sooner than it did.

“The owner, GM, and head coach of the Colts organization knew last week,” Schefter said. “Andrew knew last week. Andrew told teammates on Thursday. Andrew told teammates on Friday. They discussed as an organization having a press conference on Friday or Sunday at 3. I don’t know why they waited to push it off to Sunday but they did. That was their decision. … When there are that many people who know, frankly, I am shocked that it didn’t get out sooner.”

The timing of Schefter’s report meant that fans learned of Luck’s retirement during the second half of the Colts’ preseason game. Some of those fans booed Luck as he walked off the field.

People may not like it, but that is not the reporter’s fault. As Schefter points out, the Colts could have announced it at any point before that game and chose not to.

Matt LaFleur learned of Packers’ hiring from Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter ESPN

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is so good at his job as an NFL insider that sometimes he knows about hirings and firings before the people getting hired and fired do.

For instance, Schefter was the first to report the Green Bay Packers’ decision to hire Matt LaFleur as head coach. Not only did he inform the general public first, but he was actually the first to tell LaFleur.

It has to be a rather strange feeling to learn from an NFL reporter that you’re about to become a head coach for the first time instead of learning it from the team hiring you.

Schefter isn’t quite perfect, but he’s pretty close in terms of his own original reporting. Scooping new hires before the team hiring them can say something is evidence enough of that.

Adam Schefter: Giants are open to trading Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham crying

There have been a variety of reports regarding whether or not the New York Giants are looking to trade Odell Beckham Jr., but ESPN’s Adam Schefter says we need look no further than what one of the team’s owners said about the star wide receiver in order to uncover the truth.

In an appearance on “Golic and Wingo” Tuesday morning, Schefter said with certainty that the Giants are listening to offers for Beckham. He said the way team owner John Mara criticized Beckham’s off-field behavior over the weekend was very telling.

“The Giants will be looking for a deal from now up until — and through — the draft for Odell Beckham,” Schefter said. “What it comes down to is this — they have to make a decision. They have to either pay Odell Beckham Jr., which right now they are not showing any inclination that they want to do that, or they’ve got to trade Odell Beckham Jr. It’s one or the other. I don’t think anybody thinks he’s coming in to play for $8.5 million.”

Schefter said he was told by one general manager that trading for Beckham would take a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick. The GM believes that is the case because Marcus Peters — also one of the best players at his position — was traded from the Chiefs to the Rams in a similar deal. Another executive told Schefter it would take a first-round pick and then some, similar to the Percy Harvin deal a few years back. Harvin was traded from the Vikings to the Seahawks five years ago, and Minnesota got Seattle’s first-round pick and seventh-round pick from that year’s draft and a third-round pick the following year.

“I will not be shocked if we see an Odell Beckham trade on or before the draft,” Schefter concluded.

If the Giants are as hesitant as they seem about giving Beckham a long-term extension, it makes sense that they would try to get something for him now rather than letting him leave in free agency. Plus, it sounds as though the situation could turn very ugly this summer if Beckham doesn’t get a new deal.

Adam Schefter has Twitter hacked by coworkers after leaving computer open

Adam Schefter ESPN

Adam Schefter is arguably the most well-known reporter in American professional sports, so he knows better than to leave his social media accounts unattended. But what Schefter learned on Monday is that he should never trust anyone — not even his coworkers.

It was immediately obvious that Schefter’s Twitter account had been hacked when his nearly 7 million followers saw a quote from “Anchorman” appear on it.

As he often does, Schefter got to the bottom of the story within minutes. It would appear that Trey Wingo is the man responsible for the hack.

Shame on Schefter for forgetting what happened a few years back, when another one of his co-workers got ahold of his Twitter account. Fortunately, Wingo let him off easy with a recognizable “Anchorman” quote. Schefty might not be so lucky next time.

Adam Schefter reminds everyone Jimmy Garoppolo is not getting traded

Jimmy Garoppolo

If the New England Patriots end up trading Jimmy Garoppolo before the start of the 2017 season, no one is going to look worse than Adam Schefter.

Schefter, one of the most respected reporters in sports, has been saying for months that there is zero chance the Patriots will trade Garoppolo. With speculation still swirling leading up to the draft that the Cleveland Browns or some other team could make Bill Belichick an offer he can’t refuse, Schefter doubled down on Sunday.

Schefter started squashing Garoppolo trade rumors in February, and he made his strongest statement to date about it in March. For whatever reason, he insists he is 100 percent certain Garoppolo will be on New England’s roster come Week 1.

It’s hard to imagine the Patriots turning down multiple first-round picks, but you can understand why they value keeping Garoppolo. He knows the system and has proven he can perform at the NFL level. Most importantly, Jimmy G. gives the Patriots insurance should something happen to Tom Brady, who happens to be turning 40 this offseason. While Brady showed no signs of decline last year, Belichick probably wants to wait it out with Garoppolo on the roster for another season before reevaluating.

Adam Schefter signs extension with ESPN, will do some NBA work

Adam Schefter ESPN

ESPN may have experienced a mass exodus of sorts with on-air talent over the past year, but the network knows better than to allow its most respected NFL reporter to walk out the door.

Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated reports that Schefter has signed a five-year contract extension with ESPN, and the longtime NFL insider will be taking part in some new endeavors. In addition to launching a new podcast, Schefter is going to dabble in NBA sideline reporting.

That’s right, basketball.

In an interview with Deitsch on Wednesday, Schefter made it clear that he has no intention of stepping on the toes of Marc Stein, Brian Windhorst or any other ESPN NBA insider. Rather than the Adam Schefter of football becoming the Adam Schefter of basketball, Schefter is a legitimate fan of the NBA and wants to try something new.

“I went from knowing nothing about the NBA a couple of years ago to knowing every player on every roster,” he said. “It’s become a side hobby and the bosses are aware of that. I want to make it very clear in no way am I looking to infringe on the turf of someone like Doris Burke, Rachel Nichols, J.A. Adande, Marc Stein or anyone else. They do a great job. That’s not what this is about. I could never do their jobs. This is just me doing an assignment where it will be 100 percent fun to me. My job is great but it is also intense and relentless.”

Schefter has become a huge fan of playing fantasy basketball, and Deitsch notes he often reaches out to Windhorst and Antonio Davis to talk NBA hoops. Schefter also speaks with Chris Paul occasionally, who asks the reporter for fantasy football advice while Schefter picks Paul’s brain about the NBA.

Coincidentally, Schefter recently got into it with an NBA star on Twitter over one of Schefter’s takes on last week’s Broncos-Chiefs game.

There’s no one more connected in NFL circles than Schefter, so he probably named his price with ESPN. If standing on an NBA court with a microphone for a few games was one of his demands, the World Wide Leader was happy to fulfill it.