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Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Andrew Luck seemingly getting closer to returning to practice

Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts have not been willing to put any timeline on when Andrew Luck could possibly return from his lingering calf injury, but the star quarterback appears to be getting closer.

Luck has not taken part in training camp with the Colts, but he has been attending practice over the past several days wearing a red non-contact jersey. That has led multiple team reporters to speculate that he could be nearing a return.

Colts fans will tell you the situation with Luck’s calf feels eerily similar to the one with his shoulder two years ago. The team never really expressed concern about Luck’s rehab with the shoulder injury, and he ended up sitting out the entire 2018 season. The calf injury is almost certainly not that serious, but you can understand the comparisons.

For what it’s worth, rival teams apparently do not see Luck being ready for Week 1. He said he was still experiencing some pain as of last week, and the Colts are not going to rush him back. His increased presence at practice could be a good sign, however.

Report: Rival teams do not believe Andrew Luck will be ready for Week 1

Andrew Luck frothing

The Colts may be doing everything they can to avoid sounding the alarm with Andrew Luck’s lingering calf issue, but at least some teams around the league believe it is more serious than people in Indianapolis are letting on.

Some teams around the NFL are “massively skeptical” that Luck will play when the regular season kicks off in a month, according to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report.

For what it’s worth, that report comes not long after a separate report claimed the Colts remain confident Luck will be ready for Week 1.

The calf injury has been described as minor, yet it has held Luck out of practice for weeks and he admits he is still experiencing pain with it. It’s hard not to compare the situation to two years ago, when the Colts downplayed the severity of Luck’s shoulder injury only to have him miss the entire 2017 season.

Even if Luck’s calf injury is not considered a long-term concern, the Colts will almost certainly play it safe. The comments he made recently seemed to indicate he is not all that close to 100 percent healthy, and he will have to be before he plays. If that means missing Week 1 and potentially beyond, the Colts aren’t going to take any chances.

Colts reportedly ‘confident’ Andrew Luck will be ready for Week 1

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck has still been unable to practice as he battles a calf injury that continues to cause him discomfort, but it is not time for Indianapolis Colts fans to panic.

At least not yet.

The Colts are taking it day-by-day with Luck, and head coach Frank Reich said Friday that the quarterback’s calf is strengthening but still bothering him enough that he needs to sit out. With the regular season just a month away, George Bremer of CNHI in Indiana is hearing the Colts remain “confident” Luck will be good to go.

The concern is understandable given what happened with Luck two years ago when he missed an entire season with a shoulder injury. The Colts kept insisting he would be ready for the regular season, but Luck didn’t play at all. While a calf injury is much different from a shoulder injury, the latest ailment has also been described as minor but has kept Luck out for several weeks now.

Some of the comments Luck made about his recovery recently probably won’t make fans feel any better, but it won’t be time to really worry unless he still isn’t practicing in two or three weeks. At that point, preparing for Week 1 becomes an even greater challenge.

Andrew Luck admits frustration with injury recovery

Andrew Luck

By all accounts, Andrew Luck should be ready for Week 1 of the regular season as he works to overcome a calf strain. However, there may be a tiny hint of doubt seeping into the Indianapolis Colts quarterback’s words.

Luck has been unable to shake off the calf strain since April and is still dealing with it at the start of training camp. He told Peter King of NBC Sports that he had no doubt that he’d be starting the season opener.

“I certainly believe I will [be ready],” Luck said. “That’s certainly the goal.”

Luck did admit, however, that he finds the lack of speedy improvement worrisome sometimes.

“At times I do worry about it. It can be frustrating,” Luck added. “The arc of an injury, whether it’s a big surgical one or something you’re rehabbing through. But no, because I’ve improved. Maybe I’m not improving as fast as I want and missing things is no fun. It eats at you. But I do know at the end of the day if I’m getting the most out of myself, if I’m being the best I can that day, then that’s what I need to do.”

Colts fans would probably like to hear something more definitive than the Week 1 start being “the goal,” but Luck does seem confident he’ll be ready. He is taking another week away from practice, and they’ll have to hope that helps. He has plenty of time to be ready — he just needs to start improving.

Colts to hold Andrew Luck out of practice for another week

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck’s lingering calf injury will cost him another week of practice as a precaution.

Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich said the team will hold their quarterback out of practice next week as he continues to nurse a sore calf.

The decision effectively rules Luck out of the Colts’ first preseason game, but he was never going to play in that game anyway.

Luck was still experiencing pain this week, and while nobody seems to think it’s serious, there’s also no reason to push him given his extensive injury history. The Colts will hope another week of rest will prove helpful, and if it does, expect to see Luck ramping up to full activity within a couple weeks. At this point, the expectation is still that he will be ready for Week 1.

Andrew Luck addresses concerns about his lingering calf injury

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck missed all of minicamp with the Indianapolis Colts as he recovered from a calf injury, and the same ailment has kept him out of training camp so far. While the star quarterback insists he is not concerned about missing Week 1, he admitted on Tuesday that he is still experiencing pain.

Luck told reporters that he has vowed to be “honest with myself” after everything that happened with the shoulder injury that forced him to sit out the entire 2017 season. He says surgery on his calf has been ruled out, but he’s still not where he needs to be.

The injury does not sound all that serious, but it’s only natural for Colts fans to worry about any lingering injury with Luck. We heard over and over again how he was going to be ready for the start of the 2017 season, and he ended up not playing at all.

Luck had a nice bounce-back season last year, and the Colts want to get back to being a playoff contender in 2019. You can understand them being cautious with the calf injury, but that isn’t going to make fans feel any better.

Ranking the 10 most valuable quarterbacks in 2019

Patrick Mahomes

Who are the most valuable quarterbacks in 2019? To answer that question, I looked at both performance (or projected performance) and the salary commitment for the team. Getting great play out of a quarterback with the highest salary in the league is good. Getting great play out of a quarterback who is paid like many backups is way better. Here are my choices for the best quarterback values based on both contract and performance.

10) Philip Rivers, Chargers

Philip Rivers is getting just over $20 million per year with the Chargers. The four guys just in front of him in annual salary average are Alex Smith, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Nick Foles. That list of names is a good illustration of why Rivers makes this list. Even at 37, he’s still among the best eight or so quarterbacks in the league and has consistently been an underrated performer in the league. Last season he passed for 32 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions while leading the Chargers to a 12-4 season.