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Allen Iverson appears to take aim at Jason Whitlock

Allen Iverson

Jason Whitlock is no stranger to creating controversy with his takes, and it appears Allen Iverson does not think very highly of the longtime writer and TV personality’s opinion.

During an appearance on Showtime’s “All the Smoke” this week, Iverson spoke about a TV personality he despises. While he didn’t mention the person by name, he said it’s not the always-controversial Skip Bayless. Iverson said the hatred between him and this particular media member is mutual. Beware that the clip contains inappropriate language.

It is widely assumed that Iverson was talking about Whitlock. The animosity between the two dates back to the way Whitlock covered Iverson when Iverson he was still playing in the NBA. Here are just a few examples of why Iverson may have such strong negative feelings toward Whitlock:

Iverson certainly isn’t Whitlock’s only enemy. As we saw recently with the exchange he had with Katie Nolan, Whitlock does some of his best work when he’s feuding with someone. That said, assuming Iverson was referring to Whitlock, he certainly seems to despise him on a very personal level.

Katie Nolan goes private on Twitter amid exchange with Jason Whitlock

Katie Nolan

ESPN TV host Katie Nolan turned her Twitter account private on Monday amid an exchange with writer Jason Whitlock.

On Sunday, Whitlock, who writes for, published a column about another ESPN host, Maria Taylor. Whitlock cautioned Taylor to avoid making the career mistake of turning off sports fans by embracing victimhood. Taylor’s response to a radio host who talked about her outfit on Twitter, and another radio host who questioned her All-NBA voting privileges, prompted the column.

In the column about Taylor, Whitlock brought up Nolan.

Whitlock took a shot at Nolan by saying she benefits from her “beauty.”

“Beauty, most especially in television, has a privilege that trumps virtually all other privileges. Beauty intoxicates TV executives, bloggers and journalists, and it masks a lack of accomplishment, qualifications and skill. Beauty transformed Katie Nolan from bartender to seven-figure personality, Emmy Award-winner and the darling of aroused bloggers and TV critics willing to ignore her pedestrian humor and inability to execute live television,” Whitlock wrote about Nolan.

Whitlock even used the paragraph about Nolan when promoting his article via Twitter.

That led to a response from Nolan.

“you’re *this close* to making an actual point about the expectation of women to not only be good at their job but also beautiful, but actual points don’t pay the bills huh. keep this same energy next time I see you though.” Nolan wrote in response.

Whitlock then wrote a follow-up column on Monday specifically about Nolan. His focus was making the argument that Nolan benefits from a media system protecting pretty white female sports TV personalities.

Nolan may have decided she did not want to engage with Whitlock and the storyline anymore, because she turned her Twitter private.

Nolan, 33, hosts “Always Late with Katie Nolan” on ESPN2 and an ESPN podcast called “Sports? With Katie Nolan.” She hosted shows for FOX Sports from 2013-2017 before being hired by ESPN. Nolan won a Sports Emmy Award in 2016 for her work on “Garbage Time.”

Jason Whitlock out at FOX Sports

Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock’s time at FOX Sports is over.

Whitlock, one of the most notable personalities on FS1, was unable to come to a new agreement with the network after his contract expired Sunday, according to Ryan Glasspiegel and Bobby Burack of Outkick the Coverage. Whitlock was not on in his usual role as co-host of “Speak For Yourself,” and has been removed from the show’s Twitter avatar.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Whitlock is considering launching his own direct-to-consumer platform akin to Bill Simmons’ “The Ringer.”

Whitlock had been with FS1 since 2016 as the only continuous host of “Speak For Yourself.” Neither side was commenting on his apparent departure.

Well-known for his controversial opinions, Whitlock has a history of bashing his former employers after parting ways with them. We’ll see if he has anything to publicly say about FS1 in the days to come.

Jason Whitlock, Nick Wright address their new hair looks

Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock and Nick Wright both addressed their new hair looks after they received attention on Twitter for them Monday.

Photos were shared on Twitter of some before and after looks of both of the FS1 personalities.

Wright made a joking reference to his hair, tweeting about his hairline progress.

Whitlock also tweeted about his hair, saying it was real and that he’d been growing it out for six months.

Both men had been growing out their short hair, which accounts for the different look. But there seems to be some sort of enhancer at the front of Whitlock’s hairline, at least in these images.

Terrell Owens slams Jason Whitlock after Hall of Fame election

Terrell Owens is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he hasn’t forgotten about the members of the media who have opposed his candidacy.

Take Jason Whitlock, for example. The Fox Sports broadcaster congratulated Owens on his election, though he made sure to suggest that Owens be a “good teammate” to his new Hall of Fame brethren.

It’s safe to say Owens wasn’t having it.

It’s safe to say Owens isn’t willing to let bygones be bygones. He certainly let the media have it after missing out on election last year, but he was never one to back down from confrontation in his playing career. He’s certainly not going to start now, even once he’s gotten his wish.

Shannon Sharpe: Jason Whitlock mocking Colin Kaepernick is ‘unacceptable’

Jason Whitlock Colin Kaepernick

Jason Whitlock sparked some outrage on Tuesday for mocking Colin Kaepernick, and he even drew the ire of one of his co-workers.

Whitlock, a host for FS1, has long been outspoken against Kaepernick, even recently calling the free agent quarterback an “attention whore.”

On Tuesday, Whitlock tweeted an image that shows him with a white person dressed to mock Kaepernick. The person was wearing a Kaepernick jersey, afro wig, black glove and held up his fist like the Black Panther salute.

The image was immediately criticized by many, including Whitlock’s FS1 co-worker, Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe called it “unacceptable.”

Sharpe wasn’t the only one upset with Whitlock seemingly making a mockery of Kaepernick. Many others on Twitter were incensed by Whitlock’s gag.


Jason Whitlock throws big bucket of cold water on Kobe retirement party

Jason Whitlock

Kobe Bryant’s retirement tour and especially his retirement game was met with a lot of controversy. While one more vocal group loved the attention he was getting and all the goodbyes from fans and opposing teams, others recognized that the celebratory tour was coming at the cost of the Lakers’ success.

One such person is Jason Whitlock, who ripped the Kobe retirement game for being a farce. Here’s what Whitlock said on “The Herd” on FOX Sports Thursday:

Here’s the thing: it’s never easy to manage the situation when you have a franchise legend aging and declining. Would you prefer to have the player and team endure an ugly divorce where the star is “mistreated” and the team at least is slightly better? Or would you prefer to have the team perform poorly but give the star a proper sendoff? I really think that is only something the fans can answer, so I don’t necessarily agree with Whitlock about that point.

But one area I agree with him on was him pointing out what a joke it was that Magic Johnson called Kobe the greatest Laker ever. We rolled our eyes at that because everyone should already know that Magic only speaks in one language: hyperbole.

Lastly, isolating the Shaq/Kobe thing to being a Kobe problem is somewhat unfair; both players and their massive egos are equally to blame for the split. At least Kobe did help the team win two more titles after the fact.

Shaun King rips Jason Whitlock, calls him a ‘sellout’

Shaun King ripped into Jason Whitlock on Twitter Wednesday, calling the columnist a “sellout” among other things.

If you’re wondering the reason for the Twitter beef, we’ll explain.

King is a leader in the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and he received noticed in the sports world after publishing two columns on Peyton Manning for the New York Daily News the past few days. The first column asserts that Manning’s pristine image was built on lies. In his story, King delves into the relationship between Manning and the trainer from Tennessee whom the QB was alleged to have sexually assaulted back in college. Though I was always familiar with this case and the dispute over what happened — Manning says he was mooning someone while the woman claims Manning stuck his rear and genitals in her face — King provided much more detail. King also presents a defamation lawsuit the trainer hit Manning with in 2002 after the quarterback trashed her in his book. I was not aware of this lawsuit.

King then published a follow-up column on Monday directed at those doubting the veracity of his first story. Unless you are so blindly swept up in Manning’s image that you have no chance of believing he would ever do anything wrong, you will see a pretty convincing legal case indicating that Manning did sexually assault the trainer and lied about the woman in his book.

Regardless, FOX Sports columnist Jason Whitlock is among those who refuses to believe Manning did what the trainer and a witness allege. He wrote about that and then decided to compare King’s Black Lives Matter movement to the rap world.

Whitlock refusing to believe King’s stories and crapping all over him led to King’s harsh response on Twitter. You can see that below:


Jason Whitlock hits back at ESPN

Jason Whitlock denim jacket

If there’s one thing Jason Whitlock is really good at, it’s being able to provoke conversation and stay relevant.

News emerged over the weekend that he and ESPN had parted ways following his demotion from chief of “The Undefeated.” Many have speculated that his next move might be to return to FOX.

Before he moves on to his next job, Whitlock fueled up his revenge tour bus and let loose with some opinions about ESPN. Take a look at some of the things he said on Twitter Tuesday:


Jason Whitlock, ESPN part ways again

Jason Whitlock denim jacket

Jason Whitlock and ESPN have parted ways once again as the two sides agreed to a buyout.

Whitlock worked for FOX Sports from 2007-2013 but left to join ESPN, where he was expected to create and head up their “Black Grantland” project, which is still in the works as “The Undefeated.”

“We have mutually agreed to part ways, which was Jason’s preference following the shift from his role as Editor-in-Chief. Jason is a talented print and television commentator, and we wish him success in his next chapter. ESPN remains fully committed to The Undefeated and plans continue toward an official launch,” an ESPN spokesperson told SI’s Richard Deitsch.

The separation between Whitlock and ESPN following the talented columnist’s demotion was anticipated. The buyout agreement also clears the way for Whitlock to reunite with FOX, which is said to be looking for an opinionated personality to help with FS1.