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Monday, July 13, 2020

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Report: Yankees reached out to Brewers to discuss Josh Hader trade

Josh Hader

The New York Yankees have already made one big splash in the pitching market, but they may not be finished trying to add an arm.

According to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, the Yankees reached out to the Milwaukee Brewers to discuss a potential trade for reliever Josh Hader. Milwaukee, however, is not considered motivated to move their star reliever.

Combined with Aroldis Chapman, Hader would give the Yankees a dynamite one-two punch of bullpen lefties. The asking price, however, is expected to be high. Hader struck out 138 batters in 75.2 innings last season and is regarded as one of baseball’s best relief pitchers.

The Yankees already made their biggest splash of the offseason, but they’re clearly determined to get even more stars in if they can. Any Hader pursuit would clearly signify that.

Josh Hader leaves teammates in awe with immaculate inning

Josh Hader

Josh Hader on Saturday continued his dominance in MLB and showed just how effective he is with an incredible feat.

Hader threw an immaculate inning in the Milwaukee Brewers’ 4-2 win over the St Louis Cardinals.

Working in Milwaukee’s closer role with Jeremy Jeffress and Corey Knebel out, Hader pitched a perfect ninth inning for his second save. He struck out all three batters he faced and did so on just nine pitches.

That was even more impressive than his previous outing on Thursday, where Hader retired all six batters he faced for a six-out save. He struck out four in that appearance.

The immaculate inning left his teammates in awe. Christian Yelich said he’d never seen anything like it.

The stats show just how ridiculous Hader has been.

The Brewers have themselves a heck of a weapon in their bullpen.

Watch: Josh Hader loudly booed in first road appearance since scandal

Josh Hader

Josh Hader got a very different reception on the road from the one that he received at home less than a week ago.

The Milwaukee Brewers reliever pitched Thursday against the San Francisco Giants in what was his first road appearance since old tweets of his containing homophobic and racist content emerged during the All-Star break. As Hader entered the contest, he heard loud boos from the Giants faithful. Here is video of the scene, per Sam Hustis of KNBR.

Hader went on to pitch 1.1 scoreless innings against the Giants to successfully preserve a 2-2 tie. In a decision that was criticized by many, he was given a raucous ovation by Brewers fans in Milwaukee on Saturday when he was made his first overall appearance on the mound since the scandal.

The 24-year-old Hader has already gone above and beyond in his apologies for the offensive tweets. Regardless however, he is quickly realizing that it will still be a long time before he lives them down in the eyes of the majority.

Report: Josh Hader issued tearful apology in Brewers clubhouse

Josh Hader

Josh Hader continues to make amends for some ugly tweets of his that resurfaced earlier this week.

Stephen Watson of WISN 12 News in Milwaukee reported on Friday that the Brewers reliever issued an emotional apology inside the team’s clubhouse before their first game of the second half. Watson also added that everybody seemed to accept his apology and that they were hoping to move forward.

This was echoed by Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports, who said that Hader cried during his apology and quoted Brewers outfielder and longtime Hader roommate Brett Phillips as saying that he never exhibited any racism.

The 24-year-old Hader, who made this year’s National League All-Star team thanks to a breakout first half of the year, had several offensive tweets emerge amid his appearance in Tuesday’s All-Star Game. The tweets, which were sent back in 2011 and 2012 when he was a teenager, included Hader quoting vulgar rap lyrics as well as using racist and homophobic language.

Hader has also apologized publicly for the objectionable posts, and now it sounds like the team is ready to move forward in light of his show of remorse.

Brewers, MLB release statements on Josh Hader’s offensive tweets

Josh Hader

Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Josh Hader saw his reputation take a massive hit during the MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night when some of his offensive tweets from years ago began surfacing, but he will not face disciplinary action from the league.

Major League Baseball released a statement on Wednesday addressing Hader’s tweets, and commissioner Rob Manfred said the left-hander took the “necessary step of expressing remorse” but that he will be required to attend sensitivity training.

The Brewers also weighed in, condemning Hader’s tweets while saying they do not believe they are representative of the 24-year-old’s personal beliefs.

The tweets from Hader mostly came from 2011-12 and included him quoting offensive rap lyrics in addition to making some homophobic remarks. Hader later apologized for the tweets and said they were the result of him being “immature and stupid” when he was 17.

Josh Hader apologizes for old, offensive tweets

Josh Hader

Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Josh Hader apologized on Tuesday night after old tweets of his began to surface.

The tweets from Hader mostly came from 2011-12 and included him quoting offensive rap lyrics, as well as a few homophobic quotes, such as “gay people freak me out.”

Knowing full well that the tweets began circulating during the All-Star Game, Hader was prepared to answer for them after the game. He apologized, saying he was “young, immature and stupid” when he sent the tweets.

Hader, who is now 24, was 17/18 when he sent the tweets. He certainly was young and immature when he sent them, and it shows some maturity that he is taking responsibility for them now. The real question is whether he still believes some of those homophobic thoughts he tweeted, because then there would be an issue. Fans have already turned on him as a result.

Fans turn on Josh Hader after tweets emerge during All-Star Game

Josh Hader

Several old tweets sent by Josh Hader began circulating during the All-Star Game on Tuesday night, causing a ripple effect.

The Milwaukee Brewers reliever has his Twitter account set to private, but nevertheless, some tweets he had sent gained attention. The tweets were from 2011-2012 and contained content offensive to many. One tweet said “I hate gay people.” Another said, “I need a b—- that can f—, cook, clean right.” Another included the N-word.

With the exception of the gay tweet, all the other tweets were examples of him quoting rap song lyrics. The lyrics come from songs by Juicy Jay and Tyga. That makes it different from him actually saying those things, though most won’t see it that way.

The tweets circulating during the game led many to begin distancing themselves from him.

People should examine the context and understand that quoting lyrics is different from personally saying something. Of course, simply tweeting rap lyrics with questionable content isn’t a very smart idea anyway, which is a lesson Hader is now learning.

Before he was known for his spectacular season in Milwaukee’s pen. Now he’s becoming known for another reason, just like another athlete we saw on the big stage recently.

Hader has since apologized and said he is ready to face the consequences.