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Amazing angle of Matthew Stafford’s clutch Super Bowl pass goes viral

Mtthew Stafford throwing a pass

You might not have been able to fully appreciate the degree of difficulty on Matthew Stafford’s clutch Super Bowl pass in real time. But that will likely change once you see the incredible angle that is going viral of the pass.

The Los Angeles Rams quarterback had a gutsy throw on 2nd-and-7 with the Rams trailing 20-16 in the final minutes of Super Bowl LVI. Stafford threw a no-look pass to Cooper Kupp that ended up going for 22 yards to jump-start the Rams’ scoring drive. They would find the end zone for the game-winning touchdown several plays later.

On Monday, the Rams’ official Twitter account shared an amazing angle of Stafford’s pass. In the video, you can see Stafford looking off Bengals safety Vonn Bell before throwing the other way to Kupp, catching Bell flat-footed.

It takes a lot of courage to throw a no-look pass like that in the final minutes of the Super Bowl with your team trailing and in need of a touchdown. But Stafford, in his 13th NFL season, definitely rose to the occasion.

Stafford was also playing with a heavily-taped ankle in the second half after suffering a nasty-looking injury on a sack. As such, his performance may ultimately go down as one of the gutsiest in Super Bowl history.

Matthew Stafford and his daughters go viral for cute confetti celebration

Matthew Stafford celebrates with his kids at the Super Bowl

Matthew Stafford spent many years with a losing franchise before finally winning a Super Bowl, and there were many reasons that the Los Angeles Rams quarterback felt it was worth the wait. Being able to celebrate with all four of his daughters was surely among them.

Stafford’s family stole the show after the Rams’ 23-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night. The 34-year-old, his wife Kelly and the couple’s young daughters had a blast showering each other in the blue and gold confetti that fell after the final whistle.

Here’s another great clip:

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Stafford spent 12 incredibly difficult seasons with the Detroit Lions before being traded to Los Angeles last offseason. He never complained about playing for a bad organization, and he continued to suit up even while battling significant injuries. Stafford fought through another nasty-looking injury in the Super Bowl, which was a reminder of why he is so highly respected around the NFL.

The moment Stafford shared with his daughters must have made all the pain that much more worthwhile.

Matthew Stafford suffers nasty-looking ankle injury

Matthew Stafford suffers an ankle injury

Matthew Stafford appeared to suffer an ankle injury during the second half of the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Stafford was sacked on third down with the Los Angeles Rams trailing the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 late in the third quarter. He immediately grabbed his left ankle, which got caught awkwardly underneath him as he was being dragged to the turf.

Stafford was able to limp off the field, but he appeared to be in significant pain.

Stafford didn’t miss any time, which isn’t a surprise. He has a reputation for being one of the toughest players in the NFL and has played through numerous injuries. His mobility was almost certainly impacted afterword, though.

Detroit store gets roasted for selling Rams gear ahead of Super Bowl

Matthew Stafford in a practice shirt

Detroit Lions fans will be cheering for Matthew Stafford, their longtime former quarterback, in the Super Bowl this year. But one local store may have taken it a step too far.

A video went viral on Friday of Pro Sports Zone, a store in Detroit, proudly selling “Detroit Rams” gear ahead of Super Bowl LVI. The two teams’ logos were spliced together on shirts with a Rams head on a Lions body.

Many fans, including local Detroit fans, were not happy to see it. Some shared their outrage while others cracked jokes.

The Lions faithful will definitely be happy for Stafford, who was their QB for the previous 12 seasons, if he manages to win a ring this season. But it is a stretch to say that they will suddenly be identifying as Rams fans this year, especially since Stafford is the only former Lion of note on the Rams.

At least these “Detroit Rams” shirts are not quite the most insulting thing the Lions fanbase has had to endure during the postseason.

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford would like 1 particular actor to play him in movie

Matthew Stafford in a practice shirt

Matthew Stafford’s journey from the bottom of the standings in Detroit to making the Super Bowl in Los Angeles is probably worthy of a Hollywood film. It turns out that Stafford has one particular actor in mind to portray him if the movie ever gets made.

During Super Bowl media day this week, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback was asked whom he would like to play him in a potential film about his life.

“I’ll say Leonardo DiCaprio,” he replied, via Brad Galli of WXYZ in Detroit. “He’s one of my favorites. Big-time actor. Special actor. I don’t know how he is at throwing the football. But modern technology, I’m sure we could make it look good.”

DiCaprio obviously has wide range and an extensive filmography. But he does not really have too much experience with sports movies, other than playing the lead role in “The Basketball Diaries” back in 1995.

In any case, the Oscar-winning actor is definitely popular with NFL stars. A few years ago, we saw DiCaprio partying with another famous quarterback.

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford heard from famous childhood friend ahead of Super Bowl

Matthew Stafford in a practice shirt

As Matthew Stafford prepares for the Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback heard from someone quite familiar with winning a championship in Los Angeles.

Stafford admitted he’d spoken with Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher and childhood friend Clayton Kershaw in the buildup to next Sunday’s game. The two grew up together in the Dallas area and went to Highland Park High School, where Kershaw even briefly served as Stafford’s center.

“He’s excited for me, which I appreciated,” Stafford said Thursday, via Greg Beacham of the Associated Press. “We didn’t get too deep into what it’s like, what to expect. His job is so much different than mine. But he’s just excited. It’s just cool to be doing it in the same city as him.”

Kershaw and the Dodgers won a championship in 2020. By Stafford’s admission, the idea of winning a title did not really come up during their chat. The topic probably didn’t need to.

This does serve as an acknowledgement that the friendship between Stafford and Kershaw isn’t just for show. Maybe the Rams quarterback will bring back an old audible in Kershaw’s honor for the big game.

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kelly Stafford had great reaction to Rams reaching Super Bowl

Kelly Stafford in the box

Kelly Stafford celebrated like crazy when the Los Angeles Rams reached the Super Bowl.

The Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. on Sunday to reach the big game. The Super Bowl conveniently happens to be located in their home stadium this season, though beating the Cincinnati Bengals will be a chore.

But that’s not what Kelly Stafford or her husband Matthew were thinking about when the Rams clinched the game.

Check out how crazy Kelly was going in her luxury box as the Rams got a game-sealing interception:

Yes, that was FOX Sports host Charissa Thompson in the background of the box too.

Kelly has been with Matthew since college at Georgia. They were together for 12 seasons in Detroit. Then Stafford got traded to the Rams and is headed to the Super Bowl in his first season with his new team.

They’re one win away from the storybook ending to their first season in LA. The Bengals could very well spoil the dream ending for the Rams.

Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly takes vicious shot at Ndamukong Suh

Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly

Ndamukong Suh and Matthew Stafford were teammates for five seasons, but you never would have known it with the way they interacted during Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Stafford’s wife Kelly says she was shocked and angered by the way Suh came at her husband, though she clearly enjoyed watching the star quarterback get the last laugh.

Suh was penalized for taunting early in his team’s loss to the Rams. The flag was thrown after he pointed in Stafford’s face multiple times and appeared to threaten him. Suh was set off after he felt Stafford kicked him, though replays did not show much of a kick.

In her weekly podcast “The Morning After with Kelly Stafford,” Mrs. Stafford unloaded on Suh. She praised Matthew for throwing a “dime” right in Suh’s face on the pass to Cooper Kupp that set up the game-winning field goal. You can see the clip below, but beware that it contains a curse word:

Kelly also said Suh “doesn’t like Matthew,” though she has no idea why. She said the Rams quarterback doesn’t know either and was genuinely puzzled over why Suh got in his face.

“But it infuriated me. To stand up and tell someone that you’re gonna (expletive) them up after you spent years together in an organization and did appearances together and there were never really issues. … Matthew was like, ‘I don’t know, I guess he doesn’t like me.’ … He kind of giggled about it when I asked about it, he was like, ‘I really have no (expletive) idea what this guy is doing. I don’t know why he’s so angry at me,'” Kelly said, via Marlowe Alter of the Detroit Free Press.

Suh has a long history with cheap shots, but Kelly said she doesn’t hold any of that against him. She said Suh now has a real reason to dislike Matthew after the QB threw a perfect pass to Kupp (video here) while Suh was coming at him.

“I feel like he’s the only player in this league who really dislikes Matthew and we don’t know why,” Kelly said. “We legit don’t know why. … Now he can actually dislike him for a fricking reason. I thoroughly enjoyed it and that’s all I’m gonna say.”

Matthew and his teammates have much bigger things to worry about now. They’re preparing to take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. If Stafford lost a friend while beating the Bucs, he probably isn’t too concerned.

Photo: Nov 17, 2015; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford with wife Kelly Stafford during the game between the Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford had great quote about comeback win

Matthew Stafford in a practice shirt

The Los Angeles Rams are headed to the NFC Championship Game following a remarkable 30-27 upset of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. The win was aided by the impressive play of quarterback Matthew Stafford, whose 44-yard pass to wide receiver Cooper Kupp in the final seconds set up the game-winning field goal.

After the game, Stafford was asked about the game-winning drive. And while people out in Kansas City were talking about being the Grim Reaper, Stafford was talking about stealing souls.

“Steal somebody’s soul,” Stafford said. “You get to reach in there and take it from them. That’s a whole lot of fun.”

Although “stealing souls” is really more of a euphemism, you can bet Tom Brady and his Bucs teammates felt like they had been soul-snatched after the game. Especially considering the comeback they had mounted, rallying from down 27-3, only to have the wheels fall off.

Brady now heads into an offseason with his future uncertain, while Stafford and the Rams prepare for their third meeting with the San Francisco 49ers this season.

Can Stafford and L.A. steal some more souls in the NFC Championship Game?

Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford has great quote about Bucs’ defensive mistake

Matthew Stafford in a practice shirt

The Los Angeles Rams used a huge play late to stun the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, and quarterback Matthew Stafford was well aware of how it happened.

Stafford found wide receiver Cooper Kupp for a 44-yard gain that set the Rams up in field goal range just before time expired in the fourth quarter. The play came against what was supposed to be an all-out blitz, which left Kupp alone with safety Antoine Winfield Jr. In a one-on-one matchup, Kupp was always going to win. You can see the play in question here.

In his postgame interview with NBC’s Michele Tafoya, Stafford briefly alluded to the call, and suggested that the Buccaneers had made a very bad decision.

“They tried to bring anybody on the last one. Not a good recipe,” Stafford said.

Stafford is right about the call, though Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians suggested that the players messed it up. Regardless, Stafford did feel pressure but found a way around it. Isolating a safety against Kupp was always an enormous risk, and not necessarily one worth taking at that point. The fact that Stafford seemed pretty pleased by that call just bears that out.

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports