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Monday, December 10, 2018

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Watch: Sean McVay knows Bears’ defense inside and out

Sean McVay Rams

Sean McVay’s incredible football knowledge has been on display many times before, and it was back at work on Wednesday.

McVay’s Los Angeles Rams have a big game on Sunday night against the Chicago Bears. The head coach talked with the media this week about his opponent and offered an extremely comprehensive breakdown of their defense. In a matter of a minute, he rattled off Chicago’s starting defense and the strengths of each player.

You can choose whether you want to be impressed by this or not, but let me tell you straight up: This is impressive. Sure, part of a coach’s job is to study film and prepare for opponents, but I can promise you there are plenty of head coaches who can’t do that. Heck, it was only two years ago that a head coach was clueless about his opponent’s running backs days before their game.

That coach was fired 12 days after his embarrassing gaffe. The man we’re impressed by now has his job.

Betting favorite to be next head coach of Browns may surprise you

Sean McVay Rams

The Cleveland Browns have officially begun the search for their next head coach after firing Hue Jackson on Monday, and a number of names have already been tossed around as potential replacements. One of them, however, is a serious head-scratcher.

Gambling website BetOnline.ag has released odds for who the next Browns coach will be, and the favorite will likely stun you. At +200 odds, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay tops the list.

That means if you bet $100 on McVay leaving the Rams to coach the Browns, you would only be paid out $200. In others words, BetOnline.ag considers it a rather likely outcome.

McVay is arguably the best young coach in football. He has immediately turned things around for a previously struggling Rams team. After leading them to an 11-5 record in his first season last year, McVay has the Rams a perfect 8-0 this year and looking like the best team in football. Why would he leave his championship contender in sunny Los Angeles to lead the most tormented franchise in football?

The only thing we can think of is that McVay is from an Ohio football family. He grew up in Dayton and attended college at Miami University in Ohio. His grandfather, John McVay, played for Miami, coached at the University of Dayton, and later worked in the front office of the San Francisco 49ers, helping the team build five Super Bowl champion teams.

For those reasons, the temptation might be there for McVay. That said, his situation in L.A. does not seem like it could be better. It’s unlikely that the Rams would let him leave for any price, nor should McVay want to. Our early favorite would be a successful coach who has strong ties to Baker Mayfield, but perhaps McVay will shock the football world.

Rams players convinced Sean McVay to go for it on risky fourth down call

Sean McVay Rams

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay won a lot of plaudits for boldly going for it on 4th and 1 from their own 42 yard line with 1:39 left in the game, converting successfully and clinching a win. However, if you ask him, his players deserve all the credit.

McVay originally had his punt team on the field, but during a Seattle Seahawks timeout, McVay admitted his players successfully lobbied him into making the call.

“Initially we talked about punting it,” McVay said Sunday, via Myles Simmons of the team’s official website. “You look at the belief that they had and how much they wanted to do and because of their belief, it made me feel confident — it made us as a coaching staff feel confident to make that decision.”

The Rams did not let McVay down, as quarterback Jared Goff kept the ball and got the necessary yardage for the first down.

The call was far from a no-brainer. Had the Rams failed, Seattle would have gotten the ball less than ten yards from field goal range, which could have set them up for a game-winning field goal try down 33-31.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll likely deserves a shoutout too. Without him calling timeout, the Rams would have had no chance to reconsider, and the punt team would have simply done their job and put the onus on the Los Angeles defense with a minute to go.

Sean McVay did not mind Marcus Peters’ obscene TD celebration

Sean McVay Rams

Sean McVay is the youngest head coach in the NFL, and it shows sometimes.

Speaking with the media on Friday, the Los Angeles Rams coach said that he did not mind cornerback Marcus Peters’ obscene touchdown celebration during the team’s Week 1 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

“At the end of the day this is a game,” said McVay, per Clarence Daniels of the Rams’ official site. “It’s fun, he was having fun, guys were enjoying that.”

Peters, who was just acquired by the Rams in March, intercepted a Derek Carr pass in the fourth quarter and took it 50 yards to the house. On his way to the end zone, Peters flipped backwards and grabbed his crotch in a tribute of sorts to the celebration of close friend and Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch.

The NFL did not see things McVay’s way however and fined Peters $13,000 for the celebration. On the bright side though, the 32-year-old McVay’s relatability may be almost as big of an asset as his incredible mind.

Wade Phillips sends perfect tweet about Sean McVay’s unreal memory

Wade Phillips Broncos

Wade Phillips sent a perfect tweet on Friday about Sean McVay’s unreal memory.

McVay, the 32-year-old second-year head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, led his team to an incredible turnaround in his first season. The Rams look even better early on in 2018, and McVay is now gaining a reputation for being a savant.

McVay has the ability to recall every single play he has called during his career as a head coach or offensive coordinator. He first showed off that ability in a feature for HBO’s “Real Sports.” He did it again this week for Bleacher Report, which prompted a great tweet from his defensive coordinator, Phillips.

Phillips is in his second year as McVay’s defensive coordinator with the Rams. He may be aging at 71, but he’s not too old to send some clever tweets.

Sean McVay shows off his ridiculous memory yet again

Sean McVay Rams

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay is considered one of the best young offensive minds in football, and it’s easy to see how he reached the highest level of coaching when you get an idea of his attention to detail.

Simply put, McVay’s memory is amazing. The guy pretty much remembers every play from every game he’s ever coached in. We saw examples of that during his interview with HBO’s Bryant Gumbel earlier this summer, and again in a fun pop quiz with Bleacher Report this week.

McVay obviously has a photographic memory, which is more common than you think with coaches and athletes. Heck, we all saw the way LeBron James was recapping games during the NBA playoffs this year, and even that was amazing. The fact that McVay can remember something from years ago when he was an assistant coach is remarkable.

Sean McVay has great reaction to question about Brandin Cooks trade

Sean McVay Rams

The Los Angeles Rams made one of the biggest trades of the offseason when they sent their first-round pick to the New England Patriots for Brandin Cooks, and it is clear Sean McVay doesn’t have a hint of buyer’s remorse over the deal.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked McVay how difficult it was to part with the No. 23 overall pick in the NFL Draft to acquire Cooks. The second-year coach had a great response.

McVay has a point. First-round picks hold a lot of value in football, but the odds of whiffing are pretty high. In Cooks, the Rams get a 24-year-old star receiver who has already proven he can succeed in two different passing offenses, posting three straight 1,000-yard seasons in New Orleans and New England. He has also averaged eight touchdown receptions over the past three years.

Teams are often hesitant to part with first-round picks for any position player other than a quarterback, but the Rams took a huge step forward on offense last season. Jared Goff has already shown his excitement with L.A. signing another key player, and you can bet he was even more thrilled that the Rams pulled the trigger on trading for Cooks.