$800 Million for Citi Field and They Can’t Afford to Get Hot Water Running

I’m not a big fan of the Yankees or Mets because of many reasons — the unveiling of their new ballparks would be the most recent. I understand that both organizations planned to have the parks built years ago and couldn’t anticipate the current economic conditions that make the stadium unveilings look ill-timed. Still, when you spend $800 million on a park as I’ve read and have all the bells and whistles, how can you screw things up in the visitor’s clubhouse as badly as the Mets did? According to Padres pitcher Jake Peavy who got the win on Thursday night, Citi Field didn’t have hot water running in the visitor’s clubhouse. For that reason, he had to take a cold shower. Peavy still said they did the park right and that it’s beautiful.

On a related note, there wasn’t much more satisfying than seeing the Yankees get hammered 10-2 on the day they open up their new stadium. Spending over a billion bucks on a new stadium and nearly half a billion on players and you get blown out giving up nine runs in the 7th is a great way to reward your fans. What bothers me most is that the ticket prices for each of these places is astronomical. I remember hearing someone say a few years ago that baseball games would become like the opera before long, only affordable and attended by the super wealthy. When I see that the average ticket price at Yankee Stadium is $75, I have to cringe. Fans shouldn’t have to spend as much as they do to watch Yankees and Mets home games. And just because they have new stadiums and their games cost so much doesn’t mean they’re that much more important than every other team in the league either.

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  • Gene

    NFL football and NBA basketball have long been “corporate games” in the Big Apple. It looks as if the national pastime is about to follow suit.

    Too bad for Joe and Jane Average Fan.

  • SpinMax

    The problem is the league considers them so much more important. a decade ago when the Yankees started going nutso with payroll, the vote for what revenue sharing they agreed to only had one (NO) which was Steinbrenner. Even more could easily get passed, but Selig needs to push for it

  • JS


    “Corporate games” is why the folks of L.A. are not hot to get an NFL team, besides so many of us being transplants that will always root for our original home team (even if they stink). The suits will get the club seats and real fans will still pay a fortune to sit where you will need a Hubbel telescope to see the game.

    As for no hot water, Kobe should have taken a cold shower when he was in Eagle, Co.