George Brett says Hall of Famers would boycott Hall of Fame if steroid user gets in

To date, there are no Hall of Famers among the ever-increasing list of known steroid users who currently play or once played in the MLB. Some of the game’s biggest names like Alex Rodriguez and Mark McGwire have admitted they used performance-enhancing drugs, while others like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens continue to fight to prove their innocence. As we know, voters have not come close to letting McGwire in the Hall of Fame because of it. What will happen with the others when their time comes remains to be seen, but Hall of Famer George Brett says voters would be wise to steer clear of anyone whose name is tied to PEDs.

“I wasn’t a home-run hitter,” Brett said according to the Arizona Republic, “but I know from talking to guys in the 500-home run club, guys like Schmitty (Mike Schmidt) and some other guys like that, if those guys make it in then they’ll never go back. Meaning those guys will never go back and attend (the Hall of Fame inductions) if the cheaters get elected.”

If you ask Jose Canseco, there’s just one minor problem with Brett’s theory: A steroid user is already in the Hall of Fame. Canseco, who has a solid reputation for telling the truth when it comes to PED usage, said more than two years ago that Major League Baseball is going to have a big problem on its hands when they find out that a current Hall of Famer used steroids. At the time we speculated that it could be Rickey Henderson or a few other former teammates of Canseco’s, and anyone would be extremely naive to think that it’s not possible or likely.

Brett also said that A-Rod should not get into the Hall of Fame just because he came clean and that he should have gone about it like Jason Giambi and Andy Pettite did. As Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk mentioned, how was Rodriguez’s confession any different? Either you’re willing to make amends for guys who admitted it or you’re not.

If you believe both Brett and Canseco, the Hall of Fame could be facing a major dilemma at some point in the near future.

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  • Gene

    Probably many current Hall of Famers used PED’s of some sort.  They were available and used by football players early on (see Lyle Alzado and the offensive linemen of the Steelers and Raiders).  It is my belief that Nolan Ryan used them.  How else do you explain that he threw heat until his late 40’s?  He also had that surly attitude.  Clemens was his protege, and even he lost his fastball and had to rely on the split finger pitch for the latter part of his career.

    Bonds, Clemens and Sosa are a joke with their constant denials.  I put them below A-Rod, Giambi and Pettitte for that reason.  Sosa wasn’t even satisfied with PED’s.  He also used a corked bat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicholas-Cobraetti/1173068697 Nicholas Cobraetti

    Clemens was still throwing low to mid 90s when he retired, and he was never Ryan’s protege- beyond that, older pitchers throwing gas is not uncommon. Goose Gossage, Randy Johnson, etc  were still throwing mid-90s with regularity into their 40s.   In any case, if your theory were correct, shouldn’t Clemens have been hitting 98?

  • Gene

    Clemens never threw 98 in his prime.  He idolized Ryan and used his workout routine and met with him aobut workouts and conditioning on numerous occasions.  Randy Johnson starting throwing more splitters as he got into his early 40’s and lost some velocity, same as Clemens.

    This is all about opinion, since nobody knows for sure who  Brett was referring to, so let’s agree to disagree, since neither of us knows who the person Brett is thinking of is, or how many more of them there may be.

    Credit goes to Donald Fehr and Gene Orza of the Players’ Union for resisting drug testing and making us all suspicious of everyone who does anything special.

  • http://winterpatriot.com NJT

    Clemens threw over 100 in his prime.  No doubt with Boston in 85 he was throwing 100 mph.
    I agree about HOFers using PEDs.  Look up what Gwynn said about greenies.
    And George Brett can eff himself, everyone knows he used pine tar to cheat!!! LOL

  • http://winterpatriot.com NJT

    ok i seem to recall him hitting 101 / 102 in ’85 but can’t find any record of it online, best i can find online:  Roger Clemens 100.0 mph 10-10-2001 Yankee Stadium