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Milton Bradley has been hitting the ball well lately for the Seattle Mariners.  Since returning from a calf injury, Bradley was 8-for-25 with three doubles going into last night’s game against the Rays.  Lately, he seems to be one of the lone bright spots on what has been a pretty stale Mariners offense.  Apparently that’s not good enough for Bradley, who has of course been known for being a complete hot head in the past and someone who can’t seem to control his emotions.  He’s a bomb waiting to go off, and he was detonated once again last night, albeit in a quiet manner.

After Bradley struck out in the 6th inning, he supposedly headed back to the dugout and said something to Seattle manager Don Wakamatsu that was along the lines of, “I’m done; I’m not helping the team.”  Bradley then reportedly walked toward the clubhouse, where teammate Ryan Langerhans attempted to talk to him to get him to cool down a bit.  When Bradley started back toward the dugout to find out Langerhans had replaced him in left field, he headed to the locker room, packed up his things, and left the ballpark.

This wasn’t the usual blow up on an umpire and get ejected that we’ve grown used to seeing from Bradley.  In fact, it’s probably worse.  I don’t know whether he’s putting too much pressure on himself to carry the offense in Seattle or what, but you can’t just up and leave your team during a game ever —  let alone in a game where you’re only trailing by two runs.  This can’t sit well with the Mariners front office.  Bradley’s been hitting well, but it’ll be interesting to see how this is handled.  Back in December, we asked your opinion on how long Milton would last in Seattle.  I’m not sure how this tips the odds, but it certainly shouldn’t be something his coaches and teammates turn their cheeks to.  It’s an insult to them and a slap in the face.

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Milton Bradley packed up, left stadium during game after being benched [Seattle Times Blog]

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  • Erin Redmond

    It’s not surprising to see Bradley act this way but I have to agree, this is much worse than anything he did in Chicago or any of his other previous teams. He seems like the sort of person who just quits when things don’t go his way. That’s extremely disappointing because, as you said, he actually is having a good year with Seattle.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    They just released Eric Byrnes over the weekend for not producing and acting weird. You have to figure they’d be close to releasing Milton after this if they weren’t so hard up for offensive production. The way they’re hitting, it would be hurting their team more than helping it if they release the guy.

  • Gene

    When will general amangers ever learn? They always feel that a player with a checkered history will shape up for them, and of course it never happens. We all knew that Milton would find something to get upset about in Seattle, but leaving the blalpark with the game in progress is a new low. By the way, what happened to him for giving Texas fans the finger? I do not recall seeing that he was fined or reprimanded.

  • BigDick

    The interesting news is that MB called a meeting with management to request “help” with his issues. It’s possible he saw the way Wakamatsu dealt with Byrnes opting out on the suicide squeeze and is doing damage control, or he could actually be manning up and trying to help the club. Word is he was awesome with kids during Education Day later in the afternoon, so I give him benefit of doubt.