Minor Leaguer Logan Schafer Takes Ball Off Head, Turns Into Triple Play (Video)

A triple play is a triple play.  We have already seen a couple in the MLB this season and usually see about one or two each year.  They are impressive and relatively rare, but if you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a million times.  Actually, never mind.

There are amazing plays and then there are amazing plays that begin with a baseball bouncing off your head.  The latter happened during a minor league game in Omaha over the weekend and ended with a triple play.  Check out the Logan Schafer triple play video, courtesy of Big League Stew:

Embarrassing? Yes, but impressive in its own right.  Anyone can start a standard triple play.  There aren’t many who can do it Logan Schafer style.  In fact, there’s no way Logan Schafer could do it Logan Schafer style again.

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