Roger Clemens responds to Hall of Fame vote with Twitter note in odd font

Roger Clemens received just 37.6 percent of the necessary 75 percent to make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first appearance on the ballot. The seven-time Cy Young Award winner probably thought he was taking the high road when he shared a note over Twitter about the matter on Wednesday, but he still came off seeming bitter.

The note was every bit as funny as Clemens saying he “misremembers” while being investigated for steroids use. It was also notably written in some sort of funky font you would expect out of an elementary school kid.

roger clemens hall of fame note

You know that it has to sting a guy like Clemens to not get in. He and others may say otherwise, but making it into the Hall of Fame is exactly why these guys push so hard in training and on the field. Clemens didn’t work his butt off his entire career only to be shut down by some nerdy writers with calculators and pocket protectors who don’t “look at the facts.” You better believe he wants his name immortalized on a plaque inside that museum.

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    I don’t agree with the sportswriters vote on the baseball hall of famers.
    It was never proven that anyone of these players  drug takers. It sadens me to see such
    great star as Bonds  and Cklemens.