Baron Davis pretends to smoke a joint after hitting a jumper (Picture)

Baron Davis has officially returned, folks. When he returned from injury, Davis was hoping he could rescue the Knicks back court and turn them into a contender. Jeremy Lin seems to have that situation covered. Maybe after he realized Lin had locked down New York’s point guard position, Baron started thinking about how he could celebrate hitting his first jump shot of the season.

Davis played 10 minutes of Monday night’s loss to the Nets and hit one shot — a three pointer. After he knocked down said three pointer, Davis pretended to smoke a joint. You know, the whole pretending to hit a J after hitting a J thing? Clever, right? I can think of one guy who probably appreciated the gesture.

H/T to @Netw3rk and Deadspin for the picture.

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  • Gene

    Davis has to be on  the list of the most overpaid guys ever to play in the NBA.  He never gets in true basketball shape and when he does play, he seems to get new injuries very frequently.  By the way, he is wearing jersey #85.  Is that in support of Chad Johnson or is it the number of pounds he needs to lose?

  • Anonymous

    i wonder how many positive drug tests the nba has swept under the rug. dozens? hundreds?