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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Houston Student Angel Mata Sent Home from School for Ron Artest Haircut

Well Angel Mata’s first mistake is cutting his hair like Ron Artest. The ‘do maybe was “hot” the first time around but now it’s getting a little out of hand because the fade is going too high on the sides. Anyway, when Charles Barkley says athletes aren’t role models, he might want to look at this story and think again. Where else would the kid get the idea from?

Angel Mata had the Houston Rockets logo shaved into his hair just like Rockets forward Ron Artest. But the haircut violates school policy and Angel has been told he can’t come back until the design is gone.

Angel’s father, Mike, said he is going to let his son keep the design until the Rockets are through playing. The Los Angeles Lakers have a 3-2 series lead in the NBA’s Western Conference semifinals.

Artest said he appreciated the support but wanted the kid to follow the school’s rules (which prevent designs in hair). While that’s the proper response I would expect to hear, to think that there’s a parent out there who would prefer to break the school’s rules and keep his kid from being in class is ridiculous. Even Ron freakin Artest knows better, and when he’s giving a good lesson in parenting, you know something’s wrong.

Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

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