Jeremy Lin on signing with Rockets: ‘Honestly, I preferred New York’

Knicks fans may need a few days before it officially sinks in, but Jeremy Lin is a Houston Rocket. Between the knee injury last season and New York letting Lin walk in free agency, Linsanity ended about as quickly as it began. With New York’s decision to not match Houston’s $25.1 million offer, Jeremy’s life will undergo yet another rapid change. During an interview with Pablo S. Torre of Sports Illustrated, Lin made it clear that he is thrilled the Rockets gave him the opportunity but admitted he would have liked to stay in New York.

“Honestly, I preferred New York,” Lin said. “But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me. I wanted to have fun playing basketball. … Now I’m definitely relieved.

“I love the New York fans to death. That’s the biggest reason why I wanted to return to New York. The way they embraced me, the way they supported us this past season, was better than anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. I’ll go to my grave saying that. What New York did for me was unbelievable. I wanted to play in front of those fans for the rest of my career.”

The Knicks were the only team remaining in the NBA that was willing to give Lin a shot. He became a celebrity practically overnight, with the fans in New York making crazy posters about him and Spike Lee even wearing Jeremy’s high school jersey. The Knicks claimed they intended to keep him and make him a starter. It makes perfect sense that Lin would feel a connection to the city and its fan base, but such is life in the world of professional sports. The marketing machine belongs to Houston now.

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  • Super_Hero

     “Honestly, I preferred New York,” Lin said. “But my main goal in free
    agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me. I wanted
    to have fun playing basketball…..I call bullshot. Knicks wanted him and let him know they would match the offer. He went back to Houston and thats why Knicks got the offer sheet late. He didn’t want Knicks. He wanted money. Call it what it is.

  • Gene

     He wanted money, but he also wanted to be away from Carmelo Anthony.  Those are two good reasons for leaving New York. 

  • deacon007

     He wanted money and the Knicks. That’s why he signed that contract from
    Houston thinking that the Knicks were going to match and retain him.
    Unfortunately, for Lin, New York called it off and now he’s stuck.

  • Khuya2003

    Lin would be better off not playing on the same team with Carmelo Anthony anyway.  Linsanity only happened when Anthony was not palying.    Last season the Knicks had the best winning records when Anthony was out and Lin was the starting point guard. 

    The knicks should have traded away Anthony and kept Lin as well as the coach that won so may games with Lin!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ASZYB2J2IJXJ73RJYYQGFEQOV4 spunky.

    He got the money,,what you got,,,

  • http://www.facebook.com/jt.fryar Jt Fryar

    If he preferred New York  he would have signed there, Just cash the check and shut up….