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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kevin Durant Addresses His Tattoos, Bulls Hat, and Rooting Against Oklahoma

Kevin Durant has been the focus of several semi-controversies recently. In a video put together by his representatives, he addressed all three of them.

Two of the items have been brought up here at LBS over the past few months. One was Kevin Durant’s tattoos that caught the sports world by surprise. In the video, Durant explains that he has always enjoyed tattoos and that he always planned to get them. He says all of them have significant personal meaning, and that one day he will get his arms tattooed, against his mother’s wishes. Durant is saving the space on his arms for his family and children when he gets married.

Secondly, Durant talked about wearing a Chicago Bulls hat recently. Durant explained why he wore the hat in a matter-of-fact manner. “People don’t wear hats because of the team they like; they wear the hats because they look good,” Durant stated. “That’s the only hat that I had that day.”

Fair enough. It was important to note because this places him in a different category from Tom Brady and LeBron James.

Lastly, Durant said rooting for Texas against Oklahoma has nothing to do with his love for the Thunder or the actual state. “Y’all must have forgot what school I went to,” Durant said, pulling a Roy Jones Jr.

Rather than letting people continue to question Durant, the basketball star wisely took control of the message by addressing matters. Hearing his responses should quell the doubters. You may not like that Durant roots against Oklahoma, or that he has tattoos, but you should respect that he’s not hiding from anything. The best part about Durant is that he’s keeping it real. Getting honesty from a superstar is all you can really ask for.

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