Michael Jordan and Girflriend Yvette Prieto Are Engaged

Michael Jordan is off the market. According to WCNC in Charlotte, Jordan recently proposed to longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto. Considering she reportedly said yes, it’s safe to assume Jordan’s golf-playing, cigar-smoking, gambling, Bobcat-owning lifestyle is just fine with her. Good for them.

The irony of the news for me is that M.J. was seen sitting courtside at the Bobcats game on Monday with his good buddy Derek Jeter. I’m guessing if he asked Jeter’s advice on whether or not he should pop the question, Derek would have said to just give her a gift basket and call it a day.

The couple is believed to be celebrating on a private yacht overseas, but the real celebrating should be going on within the new community Jordan is moving into.  We already know his new neighbors are annoyed with the way he’s been acting, but behind every good man is a good woman.  Perhaps Prieto will be able to keep her husband in line and get him to pick up his half-smoked cigars.


Thanks to @jeskeets for passing the story along

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  • Anonymous

    marriage? what a dumbass

  • http://twitter.com/ETalicia talicia

    I certainly won’t support him anymore if he marries that white/latino chick. Juanita wasn’t light enough for him, he had to go all the way.  Look at who he’s been with, certainly no dark-skinned women. It shows a lack of character in my opinion, in the end he’s no different from Kobe and Tiger, he’s just been able to hide it better.  I won’t be spending my money on anything Jordon anymore. In five years half will go to the white chick.  It may sound racist, but it’s racist that so many black women are without mates.