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Monday, June 18, 2018

Michael Jordan: ‘I’m Not Anti-Player’

Michael Jordan reportedly was the owner leading the hard-line stance against the players during the NBA lockout. While the players were used to a 57/43 split on basketball-related income, they settled on a near 50-50 share with the owners. Jordan reportedly wanted to give the players no more than 37%.

Players were so upset with MJ during negotiations, they were calling him a hypocrite and saying they would boycott his clothing line. Now Jordan claims he’s not anti-player.

“My stance with the CBA was I want to provide a championship-quality team to Charlotte,” Jordan told the Charlotte Observer. “I was going out on a limb to protect that and obviously the players felt differently.

“I’m not anti-player. As a businessman, I want everybody to be happy. I do feel players should assume more risk, especially when (owners now) assume all the risk.”

Jordan acknowledged that he supported the NBA blocking the Chris Paul to the Lakers trade because he wants small markets to be protected. But for him to say he wants everybody to be happy is a joke.

Jordan cares about one thing and one thing only: money. As long as he’s profiting in business, he’s happy. He doesn’t care about anyone else, and he certainly doesn’t care about the players. He just wants to make his money and everything after that is secondary.

via Wizards Insider

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