Ray Allen ignored by Kevin Garnett as he greets Celtics (Video)

Ray Allen checked into his first game as a member of the Miami Heat with 2:45 left in the first quarter of the team’s season-opening game against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night.

Allen, who spent five season with the Celtics but had a bad breakup as he chose to sign with the rival team, tried to give a warm greeting to his former team. He gave handshakes to his former coaches, and even embraced head coach Doc Rivers for a hug. But when he tried to give a handshake and some love to Kevin Garnett, he was ignored.

Garnett deep down probably has love for his former teammate, but he is all business when he gets on the court. His refusal to acknowledge Allen is also no surprise given his comments about his former teammate last month.

Allen hit a three-pointer a minute after entering the game, and he heard “We love Ray” chants after going to the free throw line in the final minute of the quarter. He finished with 19 points in the Heat’s 120-107 win. He was 5-for-7 from the field including 2-of-3 on three-pointers, and 7-for-8 on free throws.

Allen didn’t seem to be hurt by Garnett giving him the cold shoulder.

“That’s just KG. He probably didn’t even see me coming because his head’s down the whole time on the bench,” Allen told TNT’s Craig Sager after the game.

“I love those guys. I played with them for five years — we won a championship together. I can’t say enough good things about them and about the city of Boston.”

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4RKIZWNDAZALUEGXJUL4Y2MCA4 MEL

    the love fest has to stop. k.g. should have knocked him out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/louis.l.myles Louis L. Myles

    kg just shown his real side, grow up dude, its just a game, you won,t play forever, life goes on!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SXH5JGINWNWBYQFNCBCMRCRLCQ Joseph

    Yes KG…It’s about business on the court. There’s no room for loving relationships when it’s time to play. Keep on your game face and attack attitude. It’s about you and the Celtics. Ray Allen is history. Let the smoke blow in the win. It’s going to be my beloved LA Lakers against the great Boston Celtics this year. Allen and LeBum will be in tears..

    Joe Blake from Syracuse, NY

  • Barakoboi

    Folks its just a game not war, KG lacks the sportsmanship since the day he was drafted he is a punk! Agree with Louis Myles KG needs to grow up.  Lakers losing to a Nowitzky less Mavs you must be joking and smoking about the Lakers-Boston this year.

  • VeeJazz

    Didn’t realize how petty KG was until he went to Boston. Since then he has attempted to thug his way to respect. It’s not what you would like to see from someone who may at some point get a look for the Hall. He needs to grow up! Don’t think there isn’t somebody out there that can call your bluff, on the court and off!

  • 9MDSFLA9

    Where’s the love? KG shows up Ray Allen during game.
    That was the Fox sports headline;
    KG certainly did not show up Ray Allen during the game; quite the reverse