The Warriors Are Toast

Admit it GSW Hoop fans, you’re getting nervous now. All the wheels fell off the wagon on Tuesday night. A golden opportunity was blown; a spectacular moment was missed. The Warriors had the Mavs up against the ropes — one slug away from the canvas — and they let Dallas get back up. And Dirk buried them. Nowitzki hit key three pointers down the stretch, made a stop on defense, and nailed 14-15 FTs to lead his Mavs to victory.

But the Warriors’ collapse was just as much mental as it was physical. Stephen Jackson (pictured) got a technical and ejected late in the fourth. Baron Davis was called for his last foul with under a minute left. And then the shot selection — running and gunning with the same pace for the final three minutes of the game, rather than eating up some clock. Yes, the Warriors blew it, and for that, they will pay a huge price — that of elimination.

Something about the way the team acted following Game 4 made me think they would lose Game 5. Was I the only who got the impression that the Warriors felt they had already won the series? From Baron giving his thank yous on TV like he had just won an Oscar, to Don Nelson giving his team praise following a win for the first time all series, something didn’t seem right. Nelly broke down; he gave his team credit, he eased up on them, allowed them to get content. On the other hand, Avery Johnson called out his star player to the media. All day long the tape played and the quotes ran — Avery had enough of Dirk’s bitching. And apparently that was just the medicine the German needed.

Look, a Game 6 win in Golden State, and all of a sudden this puppy’s tied up. Then what? A one game series, in Dallas, winner-take-all, with the Mavs holding the momentum. Oh GSW fans, I’m afraid to say that you guys are toast.

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  • sunofa

    So AT HOME, facing ELIMINATION, from the 8 seed, when you’re the BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE, after being HUMILIATED in two contests, the Mavericks BARELY managed a COMEBACK win, and the Warriors are supposed to be scared?


    If I were a Warriors fan, this was a “shucks, we have to play one more game in the loudest arena left in the playoffs.”

    I said it before the game, if the Mavs annihilate them and Dirk goes for 40, then yeah, series on. But that didn’t happen. The Mavs let a 21 point lead turn into a 9 point deficit. Dirk had a great game in the clutch. Unfortunately, the only reason it was clutch was because he completely vanished in the third quarter and let them come back to take the lead. Nice falling away threes, Dirky. Keep taking those shots next game. That’s clearly the game you should be playing.

    If they come out with poise and control (like the team they’ve been all season, and who they have not been, including last night), then yeah, it’s probably theirs. But the Warriors can’t be frustrated by last night’s game. They had everything against them, and they still had a 9 point lead with 3 minutes to go, and got beat by some unfortunate defensive breakdowns, the play of a great (but not most valuable) player, and some shoddy officiating. Oh, darn.

    The Mavs haven’t gotten their swagger back, they just dodged the bullets from the bandits on their back.

    It’s the fall that’s gonna kill ya, Butch.

  • sunofa

    That should be Sundance. My bad.

  • http://the-noise-ratio.blogspot.com Signal to Noise

    Game 7 belongs to Dallas, if they get there.

    Problem is, I still don’t think they will. If any team has a serious homecourt advantage in the playoffs right now, it’s the Warriors.

  • http://www.youbeenblinded.com HG

    this whole series has been a conspiracy by the NBA and it’s white refs to show jessica alba courtside at 3 different games. i am outraged.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    All it comes down to is this last game, and seems to me like Golden St has undergone a mental makeover that hurt. And good call HG

  • One Dub

    By god do I need to remind you that the Warriors cameback rom 21 down. Oh wow the Mavs came back from 9. I’m so impressed. Did the W’s giveup like the Mavs did in Game 3 no. Man everyone knew the Mavs would win game 5. Likewise, everyone knows the W’s are gonna win game 6.

  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    I’d honestly still give the Warriors about a 60% chance to win. We all know about the homecourt, but even if it does happen to go to 7, it’s not like the Warriors have been intimidated in Dallas so far. I think they could definitely win a game 7 in Dallas.

    This should definitely be a lot of fun.

  • http://sportsmeat.blogspot.com BT

    “running and gunning with the same pace for the final three minutes of the game, rather than eating up some clock.”

    Did you watch game 5? The Warriors whole problem was that they DIDN’T maintain the same breakneck pace that they pushed for the remainder of the game. They tried to milk the clock by running 1-4 sets way too early.

    The good news is that they won’t get the same opportunity tonight. It won’t be as close. Final Score: 110 – 98, Warriors.

  • dubsdawg

    Warriors by 6.

    In attendance tonight: Jessica Alba, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart.

  • History Maker

    I enjoyed your write-up Larry. I’m also
    a Warriors fan that happens to like toast.
    If what you say makes the Warriors and
    myself toast, well then, the Mavs got their
    asses handed to them and are now dead meat.

    Haterade, you know Larry, that’s what
    the Warriors drink to quench their thirst.

    See you in Round 2.

  • MAVSowners

    “oh GSW fans, i’m afraid to say that you guys are toast”
    History Maker coudn’t have put it any better..
    this game didn’t even look like a life/death situation for the mavs.. the Dubs shut the “MVP” down and held him to what.. 8 pts?
    No More Excuses Mavs Fans..
    Warriors > Mavericks