Floyd Mayweather reportedly has interest in fighting Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. following his win over Andre Berto on Saturday, and it sounds like there may be interest in the fight from Money’s side.

The LA Times reports that Golden Boy Promotions has initiated discussions about the fight with Mayweather’s reps.

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer told the Times that “interest is there” on Mayweather’s side for the fight.

Schaefer reportedly was in contact with Mayweather’s advisor, Leonard Ellerbe, and his manager, Al Haymon, on Saturday. Haymon also manages Berto, who lost to Guerrero by unanimous decision.

Guerrero has been in the mix to be the one to hit the Mayweather lottery since early this year, but Mayweather decided to fight Miguel Cotto in his most recent bout.

Until his win over Berto, Guerrero didn’t have enough of a resume or name to merit a fight with Mayweather, who selects his fights and opponents very carefully. Mayweather could choose to fight Guerrero some time next year, or he could go with someone like Canelo Alvarez late next year. Just don’t expect a Manny Pacquiao matchup in the near future.

Photo: Robert Guerrero/Twitter

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  • Bob Roberson

    Yo Mayweather why you scared of Paquio? You keep ducking him, you scared for your first loss? You can’t handle it. What is the deal? I thought you wanted to fight the best, so what the problem is? Not enough money yet? Fight should have been done 2 or 3 years ago.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QEJMD36WXTYCAOZUF6UZQSP5KA Jeff B

    No one knows for sure whether or not Mayweather is ducking Pacman.  Each side has their stories & excuses & both do sound believable.  I stopped listening to both sides for a long time now until they actually get into talks with each other about a serious fight.  Again, don’t believe everything you hear.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MCZZM4VEEQVQGU6ZTMP3JZFL3E Jimmy

    Guerrero would be a very bad choice. He is hungry and just fast enough and will make Mayweather pay.

  • Kelvin Kately

    You said it yourself, Mayweather only fights the best. And if Pacquiao’s the best, he wouldn’t be trying to prove to the world that he can finally beat Marquez without the rest of world thinking he lost for the 4th time. Also, there’s the fight with Tim Bradley. A fight, in my personal opinion, he lost. If you can’t beat a guy who was crippled for half of it, you deserve to lose.

  • Kelvin Kately

    They said the same thing about Ortiz. Yet, the outcome of that fight would have been the same without controversy. The thing about Mayweather is he likes to fight guys known for knockout power. Then he destroys them. Robert Guerrero will be no exception.

  • Kelvin Kately

    For everyone on the Pacman/Mayweather wish list, wake up. That dream is never going to be realized. Pacman screwed himself when he didn’t immediately avenge his loss to Tim Bradley. That actually says a lot about Tim Bradley for everyone thinking it was a fluke. As far as Guerrero goes, he’s going to up his stock if he fights Mayweather.  Just the exposure to the national and global audience he needs. He’s young, hungry enough and may go the distance with Mayweather.

  • http://twitter.com/JamelBanks Jamel

    Canelo Alvarez is the boxer who can dethrone Mayweather

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SZAC3BBI7GWLJ6M4EO6C2ERPMQ NomoPac

    Canelo NO!!!  Mayweather will dethrone Mayweather retire after he cements his legacy with a couple of signature wins!!

  • Bob Roberson

    There is no doubting Mayweaher’s skills, but I beleive his chin is subceptible. That is why he is always running. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the masters of running away and do understand why he does it, but one good solid punch from a liget opponent and he’s down. As he gets older and slows down, he’ll end up like Roy Jones Jr.. I loved Roy in his prime, but as soon as his legs for running went, so did his boxing career. Mayweather if he remains smart will retire in the next year or two, his running legs will catch up to him, this is how he tires his oppents by making them miss and waste a lot of energy trying to catch him. His days are numbered folks, sorry to tell you. He’ll face an opponet smarter than him and they’ll figure him out and then it’s lights out Money!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7GRSFL3VWORWYUSKBX75R3C2FA HERO

    looks like you did not watch the fight,because it was reviewed by 4,I say again 4 of the top judges in boxing,and all said that Pacman did win the fight,but once the win has been given to a fighter it can not be changed,and thats not an opinion it is a fact.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7GRSFL3VWORWYUSKBX75R3C2FA HERO

    mayweathers days ARE numbered,just watch and see

  • realopinon

    Thats funny I guess you can say his days are numbered when he’s 65 years old!!!! love him or hate him he’s fought many of punchers and never been down…43 -0 is Rermarkable wether you like him or not! And for the Paquio fans you have to wake up and give credit where it’s do.. Marquez won the last three fights Paquio has a tough time with real boxers and flyodd would beat him realitivly easy! You can hate a person but you have to respect their talents and flyodd could be our once in a generation fighter LOVE him or HATE him. 43 straight says it all BET mayweather untill someone proves to be better. Youll have more money in the bank.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7QGJSQB2DSEVDUL6PJKGNNEL5Y AM515

    I’m no longer interested in Pacquiao vs Mayweather.  These guys have both avoided each other at one point or another and I’m no longer interested in watching two 35+ year olds that are not their strongest, or quickest, fighting it out.  I was hoping for a de la Hoya vs Trinidad type of fight in which these guys were peaking or at their peak.  These guys are still greats, but they made a disservice to boxing by avoiding this fight.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7QGJSQB2DSEVDUL6PJKGNNEL5Y AM515

    I hope so…unfortunately, Broner seems to be even more annoying than Mayweather.  Cotto wasn’t a threat to Mayweather in terms of speed…so, I wonder if Mayweather purposely took his chances against Cotto or if he really got caught.  I like Cotto so I hope that he really did tag Floyd…it must be…I don’t know someone stupid enough to purposely take a shot like those.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7QGJSQB2DSEVDUL6PJKGNNEL5Y AM515

    Canelo can take a shot and Floyd can’t…but I don’t know that Canelo has the speed to catch Floyd.  Not to mention the fact that Canelo’s defense is horrible.  I want to see Guerrero rock Mayweather the way Mosley did.  Mosley was that close to a KO against Floyd, but at his old age, he lacked the instinct to finish him.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UTEAQ4L5GPAMRF4PLUZSU3QNBQ Erick

    its manny whos ducking idiot, if manny wanted to fight mayweather him and arum wouldnt have rushed to fight marquez for a forth time

  • Ricky Williams

    Those the are posting saying Mayweather runs, are flat out lying… Mayweather stays in the pocket.. Aka Cotto and  Ortiz…. Movement it not running… if that is the case Manny Pacquiao is a “runner” .. The Ghost can`t beat Mayweather and to be honest there is not a welterweight who can beat him… Guero beat Berto..but Berto has always been and will always be a limited fighter, he just has fast hands… And if you think that RG can lay on the inside with Floyd and do what he did to Berto, you are sadly mistaken

  • joseph fulmore

    Mayweather would knockout Guerrero easy. No emotion. Just think about it. You can see and time Berto punches all day and his power is beautiful but that is not what it takes to knock someone out. Its the element of surprise, the punch that you don’t see coming, the one you didn’t time. I’ve dropped people with a pop on the chin in the right spot at the right time and boom, your knees are gone. Remember , its a sweet science.  The only thing Guerrero is going to do is apply pressure Cotto style against the ropes and you know Mayweather will be ready for that. Forget the body, Mayweather will be the uppercut king by the end of the night using his elbows every chance he can get. Be Smart!! Its a dirty sport, its all about the win.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LX75IGRTWI5R53AGPKXIQPO7II Leroy

    another sucker punch!!!!!!!

  • mrhutch34

    I just can’t understand where the notion that Pacman can actually beat Mayweather came from. Where has that been shown? What can we take from what has transpired in each of their careers to make us believe he could win??? Mayweather hasn’t lost!! Pacman has!! Where have we seen weaknesses the last few times Mayweather has fought?? Have we seen weaknesses the last few times Pacman has fought?? Um, it’s been close with Marquez and he just recently lost to Bradley. Even if u think Pacman won, it was close enough for a decision, not to mention all of Mayweather’s wins have been unanimous decisions..Some people have lost their way…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VXQ77YYSJDNVXZIUIGZFJL2OHM Julio

     Maybe ur sayin’ his alibis & excuses are numbered? u see,whether he like it or not,he’ll run out of excuses & alibis soon..and will be left with no choice but to face PACMAN.

  • rd1302

    Here it is for all you who wonder what really is the issue with Mayweather.  It’s all psychological.  Fear, is his biggest nemisis.  Not the fear of fighthing Pac Man, it’s pretty obvious that  he is scared of Pac Man, and that is where his fear comes in.  First you have to remember where he comes from.  Here is a guy who comes from a dysfunctional background.  His troubles outside the ring are not by coincidence.  Hate to say it but he is the epitome of the phrase you can take the ______ out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the ______!  You know the phrase.
    This boy, and I say that with all due respect, because you have someone who’s maturity is made public with his childish behavior no matter where he goes.  He has to make sure that he always creates mayhem to himself because he lacks the self-esteem to present himself as a grown up.  Unfortunately, for us who are real fight fans.  Yes, I know it’s called boxing, but we watch boxing so that we can watch a good “fight”.  That’s why it is referred to as the fight game, not the boxing game. Floyd never had the attention in all aspects of his upbringing to present himself  worthy of anything.  including boxing.  He is a puppet that the boxing guru’s have  obviously positioned him to make lot’s of money by diverting him to believe that he is actually legitamate.  And know one believes that more than Floyd.  His recent jail time exposed him of his lack of character and immaturity, when he cried like a baby.  Here is someone who is starved for the attention he never received and boxing is the crutch that he has used to fill that crave.  He hand picks his opponents to protect this weakness, because imagine for a moment if he was to really fight someone who would chase him down and put a beating on him that he deserves for the misrepresentation he has become to the fight game we call boxing. When it’s all over and done unfortunately, just like many boxers I could name several,  his day will come soon and will be a washed up and probably broke or incarcerated has been who will be forgotten and only remembered for never stepping up to the fight the fans deserved to see. Guys like this always have the samu e ending, his is just a matter of time.  So enjoy the money while you can, because someday you won’t be making it anymore just spending it til you blow it and he will.  So to all you fight fans, hang up the gloves already for Floyd and give your support to the up and coming fighters that make boxing what it is and not what guys like Floyd have made it to be.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ASPY6TDLWTPLLVXRQL26MQT7M4 Luis

    it wasnt that Mosley was to old at that point of the fight… Mosley hit him and had Mayweather dazed and was stumbling,but Mayweather cheapa$$ held onto his arm so Mosley couldnt continue to be down on him…. It Mayweather wouldnt have held onto his arm he would of lost that fight…. Go back and look at the highlights…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ASPY6TDLWTPLLVXRQL26MQT7M4 Luis

    Didnt we hear all the same bs from Roy Jones Jr… lol and look at him now….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ASPY6TDLWTPLLVXRQL26MQT7M4 Luis

    Mayweather is not a pocket fighter at all…. Ive never seen someon run so much,should have been a long distance runner in the olympics…. And the Ortiz fight was fixed… Leave it to MayWeather to take a cheap shot to get a paycheck….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/66TLIIY3YTRURKGSER5YQZ2HDE Michael Siler

     Why bother with Pacman? As you and the millions have just seen, Pac-Man just got put to sleep by the man that Mayweather used as target practice in his debut fight out of retirement lol

  • 5punchcombo

    Mayweather is too good for the current propects in the welter & jr. middle weight. As far as slowing down I don’t see it. He trains as much as he breathes air…all the time. So until he changes nothing changes. Next two fights he wins by UD.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRGMFZ7YCONASRIKSJUWWQTG4 lin

    Hi Bob… seems as if Pac went face down. He really needs to re-evalute and spend more time promoting alcoholic beverages while running on the beach.  Just saying.
    The only thing missing from this wknds fight was Crime Scene Tape and Chalk to Outline the Body!

  • jnassir

    Mayweather never accepts fights with top rank fighters in their prime.  He waits until their at the end of their career.  I’m not saying he can’t beet Pacman, but it’s the fight that the people want to see.  Who’s gonna pay to see him fight Guererro?  Now he can make a deal with Pacman that will give him the bigger payday.  Many people will pay more to see a JMM and Pacman again before they pay to see see another easy onesided fight with Mayweathers next fight.

  • Bronco Billy Baker

    thats right. May made a world class fighter(Marquez] look like a club fighter. Paq wouldnt stand a moot chance]hts off to Marquez for finally getting his due and proper by nailing wild swiging Paq

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KKWDTS7DLEAZSIJSR3GGGRGLRU !(Handsome)(Educated)(4Nelady)

    I guess most people are dreamers. Mayweather is bringing in cash as he like and you have to pay  to watch him and hope that he loses. Wow! some people are just plain dumb. He is not going to lose to these other Welterweights. The real problem is skill….Skill Kills and in order to beat him a fighter will have to change his game plan for the whole fight not just have a good round or two. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.dachamp Darryl Harris DaChamp

    You are whats wrong with boxing. For you obviously its not about boxing because Floyd is and has been the best out there for awhile. People like you are what good (what you say hood) boxers count on, you  will spend your last to see them lose and when they don’t you talk all this BS. Floyd has just taken a page out of Ali’s life (keep em hating and paying to see us lose) but don’t lose the more they win the richer those ghetto boys get and they have made history as being one of the best EVER

  • Ramon Simpson

    The reason the fight is no longer interesting is because, Manny has lost his last  2 fights and   he hasn’t knocked out anyone in years.

  • victor scott

    if you all know boxing  floyd will give this guy a boxing lesson /guerrero is a dirty fighter /his skills are limited berto faught the wrong fight he cant shoulder roll its not his style /look floyd is on a different level weather you want to admit it or not he adjust to any stlye they put in front of him and beats them with his smarts in the ring /floyd ducks no one /take the test/the clown was scared back then now that he has lost to marquez he and arum is calling for olympic style testing this is a corrupt camp and promoter he lost to bradley/ ko.d by marquez every since floyd told the clown to take the test he has showed his true colors starting with clottey he started down hill /guerrero  is no match for floyd the fighters today are mostly brawlers not boxers /floyd has the sweet science smarts /

  • victor scott

    TO THE guy who said candy-canelo can take a punch /news flash go and check out cotto-s brother when he stung canelo and he held hisself up against the ropes the guy has no defense /thers only one fighter that has the sweet science down and thats money

  • http://www.facebook.com/skinnerfloyd Floyd Skinner

    most boxers aren’t college grades or have a phd in opinionoligy like u,i love it when a man from the hood don’t let money or opinions from haters thats probably making less money then his gardener effect the way he runs his career ,i would agree with u had he not have 6belts,fact is them belts had to come from some1 who was a champion until a little disfunctional hood boy came and dethrone him,u mayweather haters lie to urselves everytime u put his name in ur mouths,skipping the fact he’s never tasted defeat in 44outing and number1 in the world of highest paid in the history of the sport,a hood boy with standards that millions of dollors won’t make him shake,he’ s doing more for the sport by refusing to fight a guy who may be using performance inhancing drugs,why does that seem to float over u mayweather haters heads,all u care about is him losing,no1 but him care about the things that make it a dirty sport ,see cause he don’t use drugs

  • soforreal

    You’re a fool to believe anything you just reported. But…there is one truth to what you’ve said. ONEDAY!!!!!!…he may face a fighter that will have his number. All fighters meet that day…sooner or later. YOU however sound just like the rest. Mayweather has stood toe-to-toe with every opponent he has faced. Now…i have a question for you. How much longer will you waste all of your precious time and pay-per-view money waiting to see him lose???? here’s some good advice for YOU sir. Get a second job to keep watching. Mayweather…like it or not will keep doing his thing as is YOU(Mayweather HATER)will keep on watching and waiting. It’s also, amazing how everyone… HATERS claim will beat him. Say after a couple of rounds into the fight questioning who the next fighter after that will beat him????? Lose the HATE dude. Step into a real boxing fans reality.

  • soforreal

    Everyone Pacman has fought in the past few years are fighters who’ve fought Mayweather first. Get your facts straight and stop hating. Your BANDWAGON has lost a wheel. Who has Mayweather fought thats not TOP RANKED??? Take your time and answer. Don’t forget the facts this time.??

  • soforreal

    Mayweather is the furthest fight from Pacman”s mind right now. He’s still trying to figure out which ringside spectator sucker punched him while trying to tangle with Marquez. Wishful thinking though…LOL

  • soforreal

    YEA!!! And every other fight who has stepped into the boxing ring. It’s called PROMOTION sir. However this topic is about Mayweather. Speak your RACIST mind DUDE.

  • Badhusker

     Bob,      LOL,    No one wants to see Pac get KTFO again. Give it up, your hero is done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/raydio23 Raydio Branch

    Ali clones ; in any order 1. Sugar Ray Lenord 2.Roy Jones 3.Thomas Hearns 4.Floyd Mayweather 5.Shane Mosley 5Pernell Whither ; now that is pure hand speed ! In any order big time! I know I left some good one off but today Mayweather is on top

  • waterandwave

    this is for all you mayweather haters out there shut the hell up why should mayweather fight pacman after he got toss up  i say NO because pacman is last years news i say he should fight guerrero or canelo it would make for a better match. so for all you haters out there have a coke and a smile you hater.