Here is Floyd Mayweather’s $300K Mercedes Benz (Picture)

One thing Floyd Mayweather Jr. will never run out of is ideas for how to spend his money.  There are times when Floyd is off making it rain on the dance floor in Las Vegas.  Other times he’s gambling millions of dollars at a time on NFL games.  Perhaps the most ridiculous thing Mayweather has invested in is his custom iPod, which somehow is valued at around $50,000.  Check out Floyd’s most recent purchase that Black Sports Online shared with us:

A $300,000 Mercedes Benz? Not bad. I’ve seen better.  Hey, it’s all about keeping up with the Money Mayweather image, right?  The guy doesn’t go out partying all the time and celebrate with cakes designed to look like money because he enjoys it. It’s all marketing.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504140397 Stu Herron

    Good old Flloyd. Be broke again in 2 years begging for a fight. They shouldn’t ever give him another boxing match until he stops being a pussy and fights manny. Won’t ever happen but oh well. 

  • Anonymous

    Poor old Stu, your life must really suck.  Did you get bullied when you were a kid? Better yet, do you get bullied now as an adult?  Poor sap!!!lol!

  • Ivan Libya

    Still a d0uchb@g.