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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Victor Ortiz Not a Fan of Internet Gangsters

Victor Ortiz is getting ready for his September 17th fight in Las Vegas against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Though Ortiz is preparing for the most difficult fight of his life, he’s still maintaining an online presence in the social media world.

Ortiz has over 21,000 followers on Twitter and explained during a media event this week that he prefers Twitter to Facebook. Matter of fact, Ortiz says he no longer maintains his own Facebook page but instead allows a friend to run it. His reason is simple.

“There are too many internet gangsters,” Ortiz told some children from the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. “And if it’s not the internet gangsters, it’s the stalkers,” Ortiz said of the users who can make the social media experience uncomfortable.

Ortiz isn’t the first person to drop an “internet gangster” reference here at LBS. You may recall that Keith Bulluck said the same thing of LeSean McCoy who spent his summer chiding Osi Umenyiora over Twitter.

An internet gangster, per the unimpeachable Urban Dictionary, is “One who uses the internet as a front for acting like a tough guy gang member, usually because they are hoping to gain the respect that they lack in their real life.”

You can just imagine how pathetic souls may try to act tough towards a boxer who would crush them in a real fight. No surprise Ortiz wouldn’t want to bother with that, especially given how nice he is. What’s unusual is that he kept his Twitter account but gave up his Facebook; usually it’s the other way around. We’ve shared examples of three different athletes who have given up their Twitter accounts because of all the negativity. Darn you internet gangsters acting hard, you’re ruining the online experience for all of us!

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