Jimmy Rollins told fan ‘shut the f— up’ after hitting walk-off homer (Video)

Jimmy-Rollins-fanAfter an offseason that was filled with turmoil, Jimmy Rollins is off to a hot start with the Philadelphia Phillies. The veteran shortstop has 10 hits in his last 28 at-bats and has driven in 10 runs in the nine games in which he has played. On Saturday night, Rollins hit a walk-off home run to lift the Phillies over the Miami Marlins in extra innings.

Prior to launching the homer, Rollins had apparently been hearing it from a fan in the stands at Citizens Bank Park. That’s why the 35-year-old turned around and yelled “shut the f— up” as he was trotting down the first base line.

“Some fan in the stands was popping off,” Rollins said, via Marc Narducci of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I don’t know where he was, but it was right behind the dugout and was close enough to yell, and it [ticked] me off.

“I politely told him to shut the f— up.”

Rollins would not say what it was the fan yelled at him, just that it was a “dumb comment.” Perhaps the fan was unhappy with the way the 35-year-old handled the trade rumors surrounding him during the offseason or the comments Rollins made about spring training not being important. In any event, Jimmy got the last laugh on Saturday.

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Jeff Francoeur victim of epic prank, thought teammate was deaf (Video)

Jeff Francoeur deafJeff Francoeur was released by the Cleveland Indians during spring training and picked up by the San Diego Padres organization, which assigned him to the minor leagues. Little did he know that when he was sent down, he’d end up being the victim of one of the best pranks we’ve seen.

Frenchy’s teammates with the El Paso Chihuahuas of the Pacific Coast League convinced him that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf and managed to keep up the charade for a month, Decker tells us. As Reyes explains in the video, he went without listening to music on team trips despite how difficult it was, just to keep up the appearance that he was deaf.

The video was put together by first baseman/former 22nd round pick out of UCLA, Cody Decker, who has put together a handful of videos on his “Antihero Baseball” YouTube channel. Decker recorded interviews with players who provided commentary on how stupid Frenchy was for falling for the prank, and then he recorded Frency’s reaction to watching the final video. That was just a superb touch.

Excellent video, Decker.

Giancarlo Stanton belts 470-foot home run to concession stand (Video)

Giancarlo Stanton home runThese gigantic home runs by Giancarlo Stanton will never get old. And Stanton was at it again on Saturday night in Philadelphia.

The Miami Marlins outfielder went deep in the game twice, including a 470-foot shot in the fifth inning that cleared the bleachers and bounced in front of a concession stand. It was a bomb.

Stanton has four home runs on the season, including a 484-foot shot against the Padres last week. He also hit this ridiculous blast in spring training that hit the batter’s eye in the opposite field.

The season is only two weeks old, and Stanton already has a couple of home runs that will surely be among the biggest bombs of the season.

Madison Bumgarner hits go-ahead grand slam (Video)

Madison-Bumgarner-grand-slamPitchers very rarely hit home runs in Major League Baseball. It happens, but it is almost always a huge deal when it does. On Friday night, San Francisco Giants starter Madison Bumgarner belted a grand slam that turned out to be the game-winner.

Bumgarner, a career .145 hitter, finished the game with five RBI. He drove in four runs all of last year. The 24-year-old got the Giants on the board with a sacrifice fly in the third inning and blasted a 415-foot grand slam to left field in the fourth that put San Francisco on top for good.

Oh, and he also threw six innings of four-run ball that were good enough to pick up a victory. Overall, not a bad night.

Jim Thome throws out horrible first pitch (Video)

Jim-Thome-first-pitchJim Thome is less than two years removed from being on an MLB roster. The legendary slugger spent most of the later years of his career as a designated hitter, but you would think throwing a baseball would be second nature for him. That did not appear to be the case when he threw out the first pitch for the Triple-A Charlotte Knights on Friday.

Thome’s pitch was so bad that the camera set up behind home plate lost sight of it. The ball sailed juuuuuust a bit outside, to say the least. Considering he is seventh on the all-time home run list with 612 long balls, we know Thome’s best work always came from the plate. Perhaps the Knights should have made an exception and had a “first hit” ceremony rather than a first pitch.

Between Thome and Nolan Ryan, we have seen some horrible first pitches already this season from MLB icons. These guys need to take some pointers from Ice Cube.

Video via The Score

Curtis Granderson angry after fan touches him; fan ejected (Video)

One Los Angeles Angels fan crossed the line on Friday night by reaching out to touch Curtis Granderson after the New York Mets outfielder made a play by the right field line, leading to the fan’s ejection.

Granderson was running down a fly ball out by J.B. Shuck in the bottom of the eighth and made the play by the right field foul pole. His momentum took him close to the wall, and as he spun around to throw the ball back to the infield, a fan reached out and touched his shoulder.

Curtis Granderson Angels fan

Granderson, who is typically very fan friendly, wheeled around immediately and let the fan have it. You could tell the fan was somewhat apologetic and backed off quickly, but a security guard came over anyway.

The Angels later confirmed that the fan was ejected.

I have no problem with what Granderson did. He was reacting based on instinct and of course was worried. You don’t want anyone touching your shoulder when you’re trying to throw the ball; one false move and you’re looking at a serious injury.

Angel Hernandez was hit by a line drive and fans cheered (Video)

During Friday’s game between the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves, Nate McLouth hit a ball that was probably going to be a base hit and advance Bryce Harper to third base. But, the ball found second base umpire Angel Hernandez instead of the outfield grass.

angel-hernandez-line-driveAmong Major League Baseball’s umpires, Hernandez isn’t the most popular with fans. And that would probably be an understatement.

Future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones has expressed dislike for him. White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson hilariously flipped out on air after Hernandez blew a call.

Given the sentiment towards Angel Hernandez, the reactions that followed him being hit can’t be seen as completely surprising.

Of all the umpires to get hit, it had to be Angel Hernandez. Judging from the responses, some wouldn’t have had it any other way.