Russell Westbrook launches sunglasses line

Russell Westbrook frames

Russell Westbrook got into fashion after entering the NBA and developing into an All-Star, and now he has created his first product line.

Westbrook just launched a sunglasses company called Westbrook frames. The sunglasses are the hip, colorful kind that you typically see him wearing. Each model of sunglasses is named after a city in the Los Angeles area — which is where Russell is from — and the prices seem to range from $95-$145 per pair.

Russell Westbrook sunglasses

You can go to Westbrookframes.com to see the whole collection.

And if anyone from Westbrook Frames is reading this, feel free to send me out a pair of the Palisades in Ocean or Asphalt or the Hawthornes in Sky.

Photo via Instagram/Russell Westbrook

Maggie Vessey wears sexy one piece outfit at Outdoor Championship

Maggie Vessey outfit

Maggie Vessey is known for pressing fashion limits in the world of track and field, and things were no different this weekend at the 2014 USATF Outdoor Championship in Sacramento.

Vessey finished fourth in the women’s 800 meter final in Sacramento Sunday with a time of 2:00.17. Her aerodynamic singlet filled with holes on the sides and in the middle probably helped shave a few seconds off her time. She’s the one pictured at right behind Brenda Martinez in the image at top.

Below is a look at the outfit she wore a few days earlier in competition:

Below is what she wore at the Prefontaine Classic last month that got everyone talking:

That is definitely one way of getting some attention for the sport of track and field.

H/T Nick Zaccardi

Marcus Smart has inside of draft jacket specially embroidered

Marcus Smart jacket

Marcus Smart was selected sixth overall Thursday by the Boston Celtics and showed off the customized jacket he was sporting for the draft.

The inside of Smart’s jacket was embroidered with all sorts of logos and messages that have special meaning for his life.

You can see the logo of Smart’s college, Oklahoma State, on the inside. There’s a shape of the state of Texas, which is where Smart is from, on the right side of the jacket. There’s also an “RIP Todd” on the left side. That is for Smart’s older brother, Todd, who died of cancer at the age of 33.

Smart isn’t the first player to customize the inside of his suit jacket, but we certainly like his personal touch.

Andrew Wiggins has the best jacket at the NBA Draft

Andrew Wiggins jacket

Is it possible that Andrew Wiggins may have already won before being selected in the NBA Draft Thursday? I think so.

The former Kansas Jayhawks star will be wearing this gorgeous outfit at the draft and I just love it. Look at those colors. Look at that floral pattern. He’s got a full smoking jacket on and looks like a straight G.

Love it, Wiggy. Love it.

Photo via Twitter/Women’s Wear Daily
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Dwyane Wade wears one last ridiculous shirt to end the 2014 NBA season

LeBron James glasses Dwyane Wade shirt

Thank goodness for Dwyane Wade and his questionable fashion choices. I’m not sure the NBA postseason would be the same without them.

Even though the Miami Heat couldn’t win Game 5 and extend the NBA season, at least Wade gave us one more terrible shirt for the road.

As Not Bill Walton on Twitter noted, Wade looked like Kid from Kid ‘N Play, while LeBron looked like he had a pair of 3D glasses on:

For more past Wade fashion follies, see below:

Dwyane Wade wears white flood pants and high black socks
Dwyane Wade wears overalls, rolled up pants to Game 3
Dwyane Wade wears capri pants
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Dwyane Wade’s super skinny pants
Dwyane Wade’s hot pink pants
Dwyane Wade wears glasses with no lenses
Dwyane Wade wears jacket with floral pattern

Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne has the best Miami Heat shirts

Big Shot Bosh shirt

Chris Bosh’s fashion choices are questionable at times, but we have to give it up to his wife for being on point with her style at all times.

Mrs. Adrienne Bosh just kills it on game day with some unique Miami Heat style. The shirt at the top is a killer. Even though it’s a ripoff of Robert Horry’s “Big Shot Bob” nickname, we still like the “Big Shot Bosh” shirt anyway. Especially after Bosh makes big 3-pointers the way he did in Game 2.

And if that shirt doesn’t do it for you, then maybe you’ll prefer this cool “Heatles” shirt Adrienne wears.

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Matt Kemp signs on as model for Gap outlets

Matt KempMatt Kemp is currently playing under a $160 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but baseball is not his only occupation. Kemp has also done some modeling (remember that magazine shoot where he showed all that skin?). In fact, Gap Inc. recently announced that Kemp has become the first male celebrity for the company’s biggest ever outlet stores marketing campaign.

“This is pretty big,” Kemp told Women’s Wear Daily when asked about his new gig. “Everybody used to say that baseball players can’t dress and athletes can’t dress. You know, a lot of athletes now are trying to prove everybody wrong, though there are some athletes that try too hard and try to do over-the-top things. But me, I try to be simple and just make whatever I’m wearing look good.”

Athletes trying to do over-the-top things to make a fashion statement? Come on, where have we ever seen that? Guys like Dwyane Wade have the whole keeping it simple thing down pat, right?

Kemp showed up to his first fashion shoot with 17 pairs of shoes, three watches that included a gold Rolex, 11 belts and five pairs of glasses. Most people who shop at the Gap probably don’t have that kind of wardrobe, but none of that matters when your product is endorsed by a superstar athlete.

Kemp, who said he loves dressing up and will wear a suit any chance he gets, was asked by WWD’s Khanh T.L. Tran if he gives fashion advice to his Dodgers teammates.

“They can’t make it look as good as me,” he joked. “No, we play around with styles in the locker room. It’s fun for us. Everybody’s different. Everybody has their own personality. Everybody has their own brands, favorite brands, favorite colors.”

Yasiel Puig is one of Kemp’s teammates, so we know he’s not lying about the personality thing. And now that he has signed on to be the face of the Gap, I’m sure he’ll be the center of plenty of jokes in the locker room.