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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Virginia Tech RB JC Coleman wears gold watch during game (Video)

There is never a bad time to accessorize when you’re JC Coleman. The Virginia Tech senior running back went viral during Monday’s season opener against Ohio State after he was spotted wearing a gold watch during the actual game. Given the sense of humor Coleman’s displayed in the past, we’re not in the least bit…Read More

Dwyane Wade poses for Esquire looking like Prince

Dwyane Wade makes some cringe-worthy fashion statements, and this is no exception. The Miami Heat star posed for Esquire Magazine and did his best Prince impression: He also seems quite proud of himself, employing the following hashtags: “#straghitouttaesquiremagazine #fashion #ifyoucantpullitoffyouwontunderstandit #beendoingthis” Wade kind of looks like MC Hammer there, just with tight-fitting pants instead of…Read More

NBA Draft Fashion: D’Angelo Russell rocks all red suit

The NBA Draft is as much of a fashion show as it is an event that will dictate the future of multiple basketball players. Players love getting dressed up for the event, and we noticed a few prevalent trends. One: tons of players wore bow ties rather than standard ties. Two, maroon was a popular…Read More

Ashe Russell made a fashion statement with his MLB Draft outfit

Ashe Russell sure made a fashion statement with his outfit at the MLB Draft on Monday. Russell, a 6-foot-4 pitcher from Cathedral (Indianapolis) High School, was selected No. 21 overall by the Kansas City Royals. He stood out among the crowd of prospects attending the draft because he was wearing a red shirt with a…Read More

Dwight Howard ugly suit jacket memes are awesome

Dwight Howard is expected to miss up to two months with a right knee injury, so the Houston Rockets big man needs to find creative ways to steal the spotlight. The suit jacket he wore on Tuesday night is a good start. And by good, we mean hideous. Howard wore one of the loudest jackets…Read More

Bill Belichick is killing the rolled-up sweatpants game

Bill Belichick, the undisputed king of fashion among NFL head coaches, unveiled a new look during his final press conference of 2014 on Wednesday. Belichick answered questions from reporters while wearing his patented hooded sweatshirt (sleeves still intact), but it was what he had going on below the waist that caught the attention of WBZ’s…Read More

Carmelo Anthony dressed exactly like Darkwing Duck

Carmelo Anthony has apparently decided that if the New York Knicks are going to keep losing on the court, he might as well keep losing in the fashion department. After Sunday’s loss (New York’s 11th in its last 12 games) to the Toronto Raptors, Carmelo basically wore a Darkwing Duck costume during his postgame press…Read More

Marcus Mariota Heisman outfit – tie matched dad’s shirt

Some may call it corny, but I think it was pretty cool that Marcus Mariota wore a tie to the Heisman Trophy ceremony that matched his father’s shirt. Mariota’s father, Toa, is Samoan and was there in New York to witness his son winning the first Heisman Trophy in Oregon’s history. Toa wore his shirt…Read More

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