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Saturday, June 23, 2018

ASU Fans Get Rowdy, Throw Bottles

One of the better college basketball games over the weekend was between Washington State and Arizona State in Tempe. Arizona State led early in the game, but then they got down big in the second half, only to come back and bring it within a point. James Hardin missed his last shot which would’ve given ASU the win, and quite obviously the fans were pissed about the 56-55 loss.

[Coach Tony] Bennett said his assistant coaches told him that “a couple” Washington State players were hit by debris thrown from the stands as they left the floor. Bennett did not identify the players.

“A couple of our kids did get peppered in the head by water bottles coming off the court,” Bennett said.

“That’s unfortunate. There’s a lot of energy and emotion, but you know, you don’t throw stuff at players. And who knows? Maybe it was trying to go at the official and maybe it dovetailed at him. I hope not. It’s heat of the moment. But nobody got hurt, so we’ll live to fight another day.”

All I can say at this point is … good thing there aren’t any Milton Bradleys on Washington State. Then again, I’ve seen fans behave far worse. Oh, and far as the pictured chicks go, clearly they cannot be happy about these rowdy fans ruining the reputation of ASU fans. Don’t worry, I still think quite highly of you all.

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