Jalen Rose upset with Michigan for keeping Fab Five banners down

When Unversity of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman took her position in 2002, one of her first actions was to remove the banners commemorating the Fab Five basketball team’s successes. The Fab Five — comprised of Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson — was the name for Michigan’s famed 1991 recruiting class. The group led the Wolverines to back-to-back championship games, but they had most of their wins and accomplishments vacated by a scandal. Asked by students Tuesday if the banners might come back up, Coleman said not under her watch. That prompted an angry response from Jalen Rose, who tweeted the following messages on Thursday:

It’s a tough position for everyone involved. Coleman is taking a moral position in choosing not to celebrate accomplishments that reflect poorly on the university. Rose probably believes that the team accomplished a lot on the basketball court and that their efforts should be recognized.

We’re not fans of all the NCAA rules, but Michigan players got caught taking money from a booster, which is clearly against the rules. It’s understandable why Coleman pulled the banners and wants to keep them down.

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Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg/ALLSPORT

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  • Anonymous

    I am now officially sick of Jalen Rose…his voice, his opinions and his face.  Go away.  And stay off the road.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    You’re not alone in your opinion, Kevin.

  • drgreenthumb1001

    Puh-lease.  Mary Sue Coleman needs to get off her high horse, the Fab 5 brought in millions for that school and are legendary.  2 of them got  lil bit of money form a booster they knew LONG before they went to Michigan.

    Seriously, welfare entitlements teach people to keep their hands out and when your poor you dont look a gift horse in the face when that is all you know

    Tons of other kids from other universities have made these same mistakes and their major accomplishemtns have not been disrespected like this