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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Roy Williams Upset with North Carolina Fans Who Sold Their Tickets to UNLV Fans

North Carolina lost its only game of the season Saturday at UNLV. Coach Roy Williams is not only unhappy that his team lost, but he’s also upset with Tar Heels fans who sold their premium tickets to rowdy UNLV fans. Williams was particularly bothered that UNLV fans ended up behind the Heels’ bench, which is where he was expecting to have some supporters. He went off on the fans during his radio show Monday.

“I am not friendly with anybody else on the other team and for some of our fans to get their tickets through the Ram’s Club and sell their tickets to UNLV boosters that are sitting right behind our families, I don’t like that. And if the shoe fits, wear it. I don’t care who it is, I’ll tell the sucker face-to-face, I do not like that, will not like that and don’t ever forget it…

“Ninety-nine percent of the Tar Heel people that were there were cheering like crazy and trying to help us through a tough situation, but it bothers me more about some sucker – and I don’t care, if it ticks somebody off, that’s fine – if you sell your tickets that you get from the Ram’s Club to somebody else and they come in cheering for UNLV, then I’ve got no use for you. And that’s as blunt as I can put it.”

Williams thought UNLV’s crowd was “marvelous” overall, but he felt some of the fans were inappropriate. And dammit, he doesn’t want his most loyal fans selling their tickets anymore! With that sort of attitude, he’d never be able to coach at UCLA, where selling tickets is more important than having fan support.

Here is audio of Roy Williams’ comments on his radio show via WRAL:

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