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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Video: Levance Fields Game-Winning Shot Against Xavier Bails Pitt Out

Levance Fields has really stepped up his game in his senior year, improving his assist/turnover ratio to 3.75:1. Even more important than that, Fields has stepped up and shown that he is the take-charge guy on the team, embodying the term “senior leader.” Check out what he did against Xavier in the final minute:

I really do think that the terms “senior leader” and “leadership” are bullcrap ones that get overused way too much. Just because a player is an upperclassmen doesn’t mean he’s any more of a leader than a younger guy. Just having been in a program four years doesn’t make you experienced. Bottom line: if you’re a winner, you’re a winner, if you’re a loser, you’re a loser. What makes someone a leader is exactly why Levance Fields did — staring fear of failure in the face and pissing on it, all the while putting the fate of your team on your back with one jump shot. Fields connected, then came up with the steal and the layup, and he bailed his team out just like he did against Oklahoma State when he scored five straight points to break a late tie. Now that’s a freaking leader. That’s how March Madness legends are made.

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