Illinois football player Graham Pocic signs a baby (Picture)

The Illinois fan who asked offensive lineman Graham Pocic to sign his baby must be one of the most hardcore college football fans in the country. Really? You’re offering your baby to be inked by an offensive lineman? I could understand asking Tim Tebow to do the Heisman pose while holding your child — maybe — but having a center do it? That’s unheard of, and I don’t even care if Pocic ends up in the NFL (which is likely).

I’d hate to find out what this fan would sweep under the rug if it meant a Big Ten championship for his team. Yikes.

H/T Kegs ‘n Eggs
Photo via Illinois Football on Facebook

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LK4IVVHSZZNUIFBGKEBBRCGWKE Eric

    That was me holding my son Wayne in the picture.  We attended the Illini Family Fun Fest back in April to start a tradition with our newborn son (born on Super Bowl Sunday), we plan to attend every year.  We had only planned on maybe getting some pictures of the baby with Coach Beckman and Illini Players (and we did) but after getting there we saw kids running around getting their jerseys signed so we figured since this would be the last time he would fit in the jersey we would see if they (Coach Beckman, Nathan Scheelhause, and other Illini players including Graham Pocic)would autograph it.  We thought it would be a neat souvenir to go along with the pictures we took.  Yes it is hanging on display in his room.  Believe it or not I am not a crazy college football fan like you have tried to brand me.  I’d love to see the Illini win a Big Ten Championship, but I don’t think I would be sweeping anything under any rugs for it.  I am just a new father who coaches high school football who wanted to start a new football tradition with my family.  Sorry if you don’t approve of my passion for my family and the sport.