Ex-Penn State Player Raising Money to Pay for Jerry Sandusky’s Legal Defense

One former Penn State player is leading a fund-raising effort to help pay for the legal defense of former Penn State football player and coach Jerry Sandusky, who is reportedly facing around 40 counts of sexual abuse. We agree that everyone is entitled to a legal defense, but how can you possibly contribute funds to someone facing as many charges of child sex abuse as Jerry Sandusky?

The person organizing the effort is Sam Stellatella, who sent $100 to Sandusky to help pay for his defense. He also sent letters to teammates on his 1959 Liberty Bowl winning team to urge them to contribute.

Stellatella’s efforts show complete ignorance. First off, Stellatella says he hasn’t read the grand jury presentment. This man is supporting Sandusky because he doesn’t understand what Sandusky did. Do you think anyone who read about the eight alleged victims of Sandusky would contribute money towards his legal defense? Does Stellatella think all these children are lying? Stellatella wants to help protect a man who allegedly anal raped, fondled, molested, and had oral sex with multiple children, and is urging others to do the same.

It’s time to wake up and recognize that Jerry Sandusky, if all is true, is pure evil. He is a monster. He’s not a good ol’ boy. He’s not a Penn State lifer. He is a serial child sex abuser.

How on earth can anyone support that? The only way you can is if your mentality is to support Penn State football no matter what. That’s the exact mentality that may have resulted in a cover-up of years of child sex abuse in the name of protecting a football program.

Maybe Stellatella’s efforts mirrors the mentality of many people who were involved with the situation: they did not care, or want to know, what Sandusky was doing, so long as it didn’t affect the football program.

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  • http://twitter.com/Pudders99 Melissa Duprez

    Someone email that man the papers for him to read before he makes a bigger fool out of himself.

  • http://twitter.com/VouxCroux Davey C

    Every person has a right to a competent defense and see that their Constitutional rights are protected. Period.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Nobody denies that, Davey. But to me, sending money to help pay for his defense is about as close of an endorsement of child sex abuse as it gets.

  • http://twitter.com/msimonson19 msimonson19

    If you think children aren’t capable of lying, please read about or watch Capturing the Friedmans: http://www.capturingthefriedmans.com/main.html.

    And if you are claiming that helping someone defend themselves in a court of law is an endorsement of the alleged crime, you need to take a civics course immediately. If the accused were completely ignored and not given the ability to defend themselves, there would be no justice, no fairness, no structure whatsoever to discover who is truly guilty and who is merely wrongly accused. 

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    A child is capable of lying, a few are, but we’re talking about 20. I’m willing to hear his case, but it’s pretty convincing as is. We’re not saying he’s not entitled to a defense. I’m saying it’s difficult to believe there are people willing to financially support his defense.

  • Lynn Ferrick

    I’d be willing to sponsor it.

    I’ve read the report, and I think it is obvious that Sanduski is guilty on many, many counts.  He’ll get his trial and be put away.  Hopefully the institutions and individuals who helped sweep this situation under the rug will be exposed as well.  (I’m still aghast at the impropriety of the state police telling one victim’s mother she couldn’t speak to reporters.)  But Sanduski is finished.

    But situations like this say more about the accusers than the defendant.  It’s easy to support the rule of law when some trivial patent or Hollywood hair-pulling case is at hand.  It’s a lot harder to put down the torches and pitchforks now, and say “I live under a rule of law as part of a society.  I endorse and support the Constitution, and I will not allow the monstrous actions of this man to break that pact.”

    Doing the right thing when it’s easy isn’t the test.  Doing the right thing when it’s hard is the test.  If you’re going to blame Paterno et al for failing that test – and I do – then be prepared to be graded on your paper as well.