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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Reggie Bush thinks Didier Drogba will be hitting Nazi chicks, make perms popular

Reggie Bush sent a tweet on Saturday that he probably would like to have back. The Dolphins running back was watching the UEFA Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea, and he came away impressed with Didier Drogba.

After seeing Drogba score a tying goal in the 85th minute and then the winner in penalty kicks, Bush tweeted about how beloved the Chelsea forward will be. At first he suggested that Drogba’s hair style would catch on in England:

OK, fair enough. But then Bush ventured into a questionable area when he suggested Drogba would have sex with a German woman later that night:

The tweet was considered offensive by many for two reasons. One, some people may have mistook “hit” for some domestic violence rather than being a slang term for having sex. Two, and this is the offensive part, he referred to German women as Nazi chicks. Not only was that offensive and in extremely poor taste considering how bad of a reputation Nazis have, and that so few Germans are Nazis, but sadly, Bush was unapologetic.

The running back deleted the tweet, but only because of pressure.

Bush should know better than to stereotype like that. He was trying to be humorous, but sent a foolish, offensive remark instead. It’s not the first time he’s received attention for tweeting something controversial. Hopefully he now knows better.

H/T Sports Pickle for the screencap

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