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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Joseph Rimmer Tried to Run Ref Over With Car After Getting Red Card

Screaming at the ref when something doesn’t go your way is so last year.  There’s no need to publicly humiliate an official if he throws you out of a game when you have a perfectly good automobile waiting in the parking lot.  By that, I don’t mean leave the stadium quietly.  At least not if you’re British amateur soccer player Joseph Rimmer.

Out of Bounds has drawn our attention to a Liverpool Echo report that highlights Rimmer’s psychopathic meltdown during a match in Southport, England in which he was issued a red card.  Rimmer supposedly went to the parking lot after being sent off, got in his car, and drove it onto the field.  While his attorney would later claim Rimmer was just trying to have the game called off, the report indicates he was aiming for referee David Harkness.  Luckily, Harkness was able to get out of the way and was unharmed.

That’s a reasonable reaction, right?  Don’t like a call?  Don’t have a weapon?  Just try to kill the ref with your car.  You got thrown out of the game, so you might as well make use of the extra time you’ve been given.  I don’t know much about the British legal system, but if this guy doesn’t end up in jail I’d be shocked.  If he’s not considered a danger to society after a stunt like that I can’t imagine who would be.

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