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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Couple looking to sell Barry Sanders/Walter Payton card to pay for fertility treatment

Todd and Ula Nelkin would like to have a baby. Unfortunately, conceiving a child is more difficult for some than others. The Houston couple has been going through fertility treatment in an attempt to help them expand their family, but that can get quite expensive. According to Susan Lulgjuraj at Beckett Media, the Nelkins are hoping a card that features Barry Sanders and Walter Payton can help relieve the financial burden.

At the end of October, the couple will put its 1999 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Autograph card up for auction. It is a rare card featuring both Payton and Sanders and their signatures, and Beckett Grading Services has rated it a Gem Mint 10 (top condition). It was found to be the only card of its kind in that type of condition.

“I know this is going to sound a little sappy, but this could be the only card in existence that is responsible for a human life,” Todd said. “Hopefully, someone will be on this planet because of that card. I think this adds a nice element to the history of that card.”

Todd and Ula have undergone two unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization procedures and will try one more at the cost of $20,000.

“When we first started this process, he said we could always try and sell this to help pay for a baby,” Ula said. “The fact that he is doing this is amazing to me.”

Dr. Saturday pointed out that a similar card sold on eBay for $2,024 back in 2009. With Todd’s card being in top condition, here’s hoping it sells for as much as possible and helps the Nelkins start a family.

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