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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mancrunch Gets Publicity from Canceled Super Bowl Ad

The biggest debates in the week leading up to the Super Bowl had little to do with football and everything to do with politics. First, Tim Tebow became the center of attention because he’s the spokesman for a commercial espousing a Pro Life stance on abortion. That caused a stir amongst the Pro Choice supporters of America. While it looks like that ad will air, CBS has exercised its veto right on a few other submissions. They’ve rejected one of five submissions by Go Daddy for reasons unbeknownst to me. More controversially, CBS has rejected an ad proposed by the gay dating site Mancrunch. The ad isn’t as graphic as I initially expected based on what I read:

The genius behind this whole proposition is that Mancrunch is getting about as much publicity as they could have dreamed to receive, all without paying the million dollar tab to CBS (there’s probably a submission/review fee, but it’s not as high as the price of the ad). They’re even getting it from this very post and that’s all without doing anything other than producing a rejected ad! Here’s something I don’t understand: how is it that CBS approves a Pro Life commercial but rejects one for a gay dating website? I didn’t see anything inappropriate nor graphic in the ad — what’s the problem? If you’re deciding that political messages have no place on a sports platform I understand that. But if you’re approving a commercial regarding abortion, then why not let a gay dating site ad run? I don’t have a problem with either one.

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