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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Meat Loaf Feuding with Australian Football League After Poor Performance (Video)

Some days you show up to the ballpark and just don’t have your fastball. Apparently the same can be true for singers.

Meat Loaf was on tour in Australia recently and he performed at the Aussie rules football grand final (the Australian equivalent of our Super Bowl). They paid AU $600,000 to have the rock star entertain the crowd, but they ended up with a guy who croaked his way through much of the act. Here’s a video of Meat Loaf’s abominable performance:

Meat Loaf had plenty of backup, but it couldn’t cover up how badly he sounded. He even asked fans to sing for him at times.

The league says they did their due diligence on Meat Loaf but ended up with a guy who “just couldn’t sing.” They say Meat Loaf had a problem with asthma and couldn’t perform at a certain temperature or something.

Last weekend, Meat Loaf slammed the AFL bosses as “jerks” and labeled critics of his performance as “butt smellers.” He reportedly vows to keep other top entertainers from performing at the event.

I kind of hope they have Meat Loaf back, just so we can have more back-and-forth entertainment. The after show has been more amusing than the actual show.

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