Andrew Bynum’s newest hairstyle: braids (Pictures)


Andrew Bynum hairwatch 2012 has its latest update. The Philadelphia 76ers center addressed reporters on Friday and was seen sporting a new ‘do.

Bynum decided to tie down his ‘fro into two french braids that give him a Snoop Dogg/Allen Iverson look.

The reason for the change?

“French braids, man. I got tired of the ‘fro,” he told reporters.

Well that’s just a shame. We certainly were not tired of sharing bi-monthly updates on his blossoming ‘fro.

Bynum has gone with the Don King look, the Ike Turner cut, and the full mushroom over the past several weeks. Now he has the braids.

The good news for Sixers fans is that Bynum was cleared by the team’s medical staff to begin riding a stationary bike, which is the first step in a six-part rehab process. He has not played in a game this season because of bone bruises in his knees, but he says he’s “confident” he’ll play this season.

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  • RiseLow

    lol….Bynum is a fool !

  • vikewolf5

    0 maturity

  • http://www.facebook.com/barrington.jackson.7 Barrington Jackson

    NBA Idiot Of The Year – Bynum or Cousins?

  • Marlon Miller

    That could go either way.. But back to Cousins, he feels as though he’s owed something and just needs to shut up and learn his craft.

  • Shamaine Andrew

    you need to get rid of your hairdresser, my neice combs her dolly hair better than that…. you are such a jackass

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V5ASR7LLK6WM7WTKFDC7KMWG4M Anti-pro

    And boom goes the Bynamite!

  • B S

    tired of your haircut andy? well, do the world a favor and cut your head off. useless pos.

  • http://candle-warmer.net/ Scentsy

    Hey! it’s a cool style Andrew Bynum. I want be just like you with the hair style. I like to make me very hair stylish. How nice a hair style!