A.J. Hawk Flips the Bird to Packers Sideline (Picture)

This may come as a shock, but the Packers routed the Rams on Sunday 24-3. Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdown passes to three different receivers — none of which are named Greg Jennings of course since he’s on my fantasy team — and the game got out of hand in the second quarter. In fact, A.J. Hawk even felt loose enough to flip off his team’s sideline after recording a sack. Check out this picture of A.J. Hawk flipping the bird, courtesy of Jason Wilde on Twitter:

Hawk must have learned that message from Louis Delmas or Chuck Cecil last year.  Hawk says it’s something he and his teammates were doing during practice throughout the week, and it carried into the game. He termed it a “bad joke.” No sweat A.J., we don’t have a problem with it.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQD3SYZ7FC7NBFQFPQOYGBL5KY Colleen

    This is a bitch move & looks like the day dick head Owens ran to the Dallas star in his SF gear. Weak hearted and has no call for that crap in front of TV’s full of little kids looking for a role  model. I guess Fabio on roids has no class, maybe he should play for Jim Schwartz , they’d make a like pair.